Plastic Thumbs Boardrider mixtape slays your face!

I really, really wish I had a time machine, so these guys could play my Bar Mitzvah

Plastic Thumbs, a criminally underhyped DJ duo from the UK, have just dropped their fourth mixtape, and it’s a whomper! Their last three have all been classics, you can check them all on their soundcloud.

The Plastic Thumbs sound is a fresh mash of classic ragga party jams, big whompy basslines, and extra crunky beats running the gamut from dancehall to b-more to baile to bashment. Their sets are constantly accelerating tornados of crunky, sassy, lose-your-shit party music. 

There’s obviously a wealth of collective DJ experience between these two. Their craftsmanship as DJs is masterful. A thick, delicious undercurrent of cheeky juxtapositions runs throughout their work, like a fudge ripple in Ben-n-Jerry’s. I don’t wanna ruin anything for you guys, but there’s a point where he drops “WHOOMP! THERE IT IS” over sped-up Major Lazer and then moves right into a Drop The Lime followed by Luda. No tracklist, just get into it!

Boardrider & Insight 51 Mixtape by Plastic Thumbs

Lowriders Collective Mixtape 006 by DOSHY

Best thing yet today (so far)! 

Lowriders Collective brings into the world the sixth installment of their mixtape series, curated by Doshy (mysp/soundcld), who is one of my new favorite berliners. While they categorize it (at least in their blog) as ‘dubstep’, the reason I’m taking the time to write about this is that it’s emphatically not  dubstep. It’s lush, ebullient future-crunk lazerbass. The kind of stuff that makes your hip hop friends go “Yo, who did this beat!? Shit is fucked up!” Certified next level bastard grand child of techno and hiphop.   If you like Lazer Sword, EPROM, or the way you felt when you first heard glitch mob like 3 years ago, then dive right in.

Get the mix HERE,

tracklist plagiarized below:

1. Intro
2. Elecktroids – Thermo science(Edit) (Warp)
3. Monky – Miss(Demo) (Dub)
4. Girl Unit – Shade on (Night Slugs)
5. NastyNasty – Damn Girl (Dub)
6. Eprom – Sweatboxxx (Dub)
7. Mensah – Pulse 80 (Hench)
8. lakritze – Adama(Doshy Remix) (forth. Robox Neotech)
9. Doshy – Scatter (forth. Robox Neotech)
10. Slugabed – Take off (Kuedo Remix) (Dub)
11. Jagged Edge – Tip of My Tongue(instr.) (???)
12. Demokracy – Starheaven (Dub)
13. V.I.C – Wobble(Lunice Ass Wobble Edit) (Low Bass Vol.1)
14. Hovatron – Super Soaker (Dub)
15. Eprom – Boubles (Lsd)
16. Superman – high (instrEdit) (Dub)
17. Powell – 1234 (forth. Robox Neotech)
18. Doshy – Blub(Demo) (Dub)
19. Goldzilla – Goldzilla (Edit) (Dub)
20. Doshy&TheUnik – Meeting (MyanmarEdit) (Dub)
21. New Boys – Jerk (instr.Edit) (Dub)
22. Doshy – Worms(BadYeahEdit/Demo) (Dub)
23. Demokracy – Zone (forth. Robox Neotech)
24. HALP – Leek(Doshy Remix) (forth. Seclusiasis)
25. NastyNasty – New York Legs (Dub)
26. Zet. – Modhunter (forth. Robox Neotech)
27. Guido – Mad Sax (Punch Drunk)

Another mix from Doshy’s soundcloud, also chock full of bleepy goodness
DoshyCluBmiX2009 by doshy

Check out some of these next-level animated-gif flyers from Doshy’s myspace – serious cinema in a seriously tiny format:

Shuttle, The Captain, Jubilee playing HiFi Cartel 1-Year

the motherfucking ORION NEBULA

Y’all should go RSVP yo ass to The HiFi Cartel One Year Anniversary Party, cuz it’s TOMORROW, it’s FREE, and The Captain ( T&B) and Jubilee (Nightshifters/Flashing Lights) are playing with Shuttle (aka zomgitsthedrummerfromPassionPit) who put out my FAVORITE mix of the year, The Orion Mixtape, linked below the flyer – 

Get Shuttle’s “The Orion” Mix HERE
RSVP to the party HERE

And we’re back!

art by Josh Mays, str8 outta Philly (just like Starkbot!) –

[insert obligatory apologies for not posting recently here – and on to the whomps!]

Shouts to top-notch whompbloggers Chrome Kids for posting this Starkey live show from I love the internet because of things like this – you get to hear one of the best DJs in the game play all the newest, freshest, whompiest beats. Look past the Drake and Soulja Boy crust, and you’ll find a luscious futurebass frittata, bursting with tasty fillinz. Great new stuff all around with standout tracks from Monky, Gemmy, NastyNasty and Egyptrixx.


01 – Starkey “Alienstyles”
02 – Drake ft. the Dream “Shut It Down”
03 – Soulja Boy “Pretty Boy Swag”
04 – Grum “Can’t Shake This Feeling”
05 – Kano “Get Wild”
06 – Egyptrixx “Rooks Theme”
07 – Helix “Untitled”
08 – Sheba “Serious (Starkey remix)”
09 – Halp “Leek (Astroposer remix)”
10 – Speaker For the Dead “illusioNaire”
11 – Mestizo “Let It Spray”
12 – Teddy “Devil’s Mansion”
13 – Royal-T “Damn It”
14 – Clairvoyants “Modern Day Slavery (Wonder remix)”
15 – Monky “Hypa Nova”
16 – SDUK “InValid”
17 – Gemmy “Jah Kno”
18 – Verb “Drank It All”
19 – Stagga “Ghetto Yutes”
20 – P-Money “Woo Riddim Freestyle”
21 – Slugabed “PO”
22 – Siren “Summer Time in Oakland”
23 – NastyNasty “Apologies”
24 – Stagga”Beyond”
25 – Miki Grems “J’Thumilie”
26 – DJ Nate “See Into My Eyes”
27 – Kastle “Better Off Alone (NastyNasty remix)”
28 – Kanye West “Power (ft. Dwele)”
29 – By Proxy “Under Ground”
30 – Epcot “Bad Dreamcatcher”
31 – DJ Nate “Footwurk Homocide”
32 – Mr. Scruff vs Kirsty Almeida “Pickled Spider”
33 – Swede:art “Wonkybikez”
34 – Amp Live “Turn It Up (Marty Party remix)”
35 – Brisco “On the Wall ft. Lil Wayne (instrumental)”
36 – Range “Ghetto Dance ft. Rick Ross”
37 – Reso & Starkey “Untitled New Thing”
38 – Innerpartysystem “American Trash (Starkey remix)”
39 – Siyoung “Eros”
40 – 8Bitch “G41 (Rustie remix)”
41 – Terror Danjah “Air Bubble (Starkey remix)”
42 – Slugabed “Sex”
43 – Drums of Death “Everything All At Once”
44 – Numan “Quezt”
45 – Mr Healan “Mad Love For Zaggins”
46 – Nelly Furtado “Turn Off the Lights (Dro Carey remix)”
47 – Grimelock ft. Rose T “Balance”
48 – Distal “Coke Bottle”
49 – Cassie “Me & U (Kastle remix)”
50 – Chrissy Murderbot “Poison”
51 – Monky “Hey Miss”
52 – Ghost Mutt “Thouroughbred”


Major Lazer and La RouX present Lazerproof

how does she fit that hair under the helmet?

This is a blatant reblogging of the breaking story over at Stoney Roads, but apparently…well, you can read the title of this post. The mix just dropped today, head over to the official site give Mad Decent some demographic info in exchange for a free download.

I’m not saying this is gonna be awesome. I’m not even saying that you’ll listen to it more than once. Diplo’s a great producer, but his mixtapes always fall flat for me – I thought “Piracy Funds Terrorism” sounded like a top 40 night. But something tells me this will at least be entertaining – maybe it’s the illustration of La Roux in an Iron Man suit? Or maybe it’s this track title: In 4 The Kill Pon De Skream”. Either way, I’m downloading this now, and suggest you do the same. 

Dub War: footcrab edition


Dub War at Love without a doubt the place to be for discriminating bassheads in NYC tonight. The legendary monthly, headlined by Headhunter (who, trusted sources tell me, played a facemelting set at Halcyon last night) has a special crustacial/podiatric bent tonight. Some of you might be adjusting your monocle and pondering aloud over a snifter of fine porto, “What is this Addison Groove chicanery!? Headhunter’s Dub War podcast #9 was a magnum opus of sub bass, atmospherics and dubby riddims! Surely one musical alias is more than sufficient!” But then, that was before footcrab.
Addison Groove is when Headhunter makes juke, and I’m ain’t mad about that. However, for something so hyped, I thought this track was pretty unremarkable the first time I heard it. I love the 808-porn of chicago juke as much as anyone, and there’s a nice spacey thing going on between the propulsive bass kicks and the dubsteppy synths. But the vocal sample was just….mehhhh. Not doing much for me. Dumbshit, like the B side. 
And yet it grows on you. Sticks in your brain at really inopportune moments. It’s as infectious and tenacious as the imaginary std that you might have first thought ‘footcrab’ referred to. And most importantly, when Headhunter/Addison Groove drops it tonight, the place is going to go OFF. So get there before midnight for $10 admission, and get ready to footcrab like a motherfucker.

Biscope – Let Your Love Grow

Yeti’s need love too.

An appropriately titled mix, as this does grow and expand the contemporary notion of lovestep. I know the last thing we need is another subgenre (and this is not the time or place to rehash the brostep debate) but lovestep is an apt term, crystallizing something significant going on in music right now; a lush, flourescent corner of dubstep, awash in gorgeous mid-heavy synths and female vocals that yearn, nourish, challenge and engage a tender part of the listeners consciousness. In a space usually dominated by buzzsaw noises and disembowling bass-drops, it’s refreshing to hear producers using the tropes of dubstep to tell a more hopeful, emotionally resonant story with their music. Beating audio swords into plowshares, as it were. . .

Biscope – Let Your Love Grow Mix by biscope

1. Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo
2. Biscope – Dragonfly featuring Zaki Ibrahim
3. Biscope – Little Dragon Versus Burial Twice
4. Cosmin TRG – Strobe Lick
5. MJ Cole – Sincere (Nero Remix)
6. Biscope – Slip featuring Black Porcelain
7. Modeselektor – Let Your Love Grow featuring Paul St. Hillaire
8. Mala – Level Nine
9. Biscope – Lace featuring Black Porcelain
10.Breakage – Higher
11.Simian Mobile Disco – Bad Intentions (Joker Remix)
12.Cinnamon Chasers – Luv Deluxe (Scuba Remix)
13.Erykah Badu – Trying to Decide (Biscope Boot)
14.Efdemin – Acid Bells (Martyn’s Bittersweet Remix)


Totes random: A Haeckel-ian interpretation of Metroid Physiology by Kalapusa on DeviantArt – via MishkaBloglin

Udachi, one of the best damn producers in Brooklyn, quietly put up this slice of pure summer gold a few weeks ago as his submission for the Yeasayer Remix contest.  I don’t listen to Yeasayer, but I’ve been listening to this on repeat. Sounds like “Graceland”-era Paul Simon driving to a summer rave in LA, at sunset, with all the windows down. Luscious, jubilant mango music. Also check out Udachi’s super-fresh Spring 2010 mix, chock full of all dat good new shit you never heard. 

Yeasayer – O.N.E (Udachi remix) [Remix Contest] by udachi


My boys Mad Zach (aka Count Spankula) and R2 the Specialist have been killing it for a minute now with their uniquely west-coast sound. This is one of the most mashing tracks from their new album, “Wolfspiders”, out now on Muti Music. It hit #1 on the addictech charts the week it was released, so you’ll be hearing this stuff out. Look for them making a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET east coast appearance this summer – I’ll keep you guys posted.

subeater! by R2thespecialist

Also, as a special bonus for you lucky devils, here’s a vid of R2 doin his thing, makin live ambidextrous analog whomp – SERIOUS SAVAGERY – NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN OR OLD PEOPLE


Note: The above image is an artists approximation of the events described below.

First thing in my ears this morning is a leak of the new Chali 2na single Feat. RUSKO! My favorite mc from middle school doing a track with the King of Brostep? It doesn’t disappoint folks – 2na rides the beat with dexterity, and Rusko brings the wobble, but tones down the chainsaw noises to keep things head noddin, not neck snapping. A surprisingly tempered affair, and a good sign of things to come – not just from 2na’s album, but also intelligent, well matched collabs between dubstep producers and emcees.

Check it over at DJ Cable’s blawg< (your resident authority on the intersection of hiphop/dubstep), or just go str8 for the download link.


You know what I hate? When a DJ is talking about how good a track is, while said track is playing, so that the listener can’t really hear it, enjoy it or come to their own conclusions. That being said, I don’t mind it in so much in this case: the track is “Feldspar”, by Bay Area homie EPROM, and the DJ is Philly’s Street Bass Don, Starkey. Starkey’s enthusiasm is just so effervescent and genuine, and it’s hard to be mad, given what great exposure this is for EPROM to get biggup’d from such a preeminent tastemaker as Starkey. Nice one bruva!!

Feldspar (Starkey SUBFM Radio Rip) by eprom


“This town….”

The Specials have always been a very special band to me. They were the first live show I ever saw, in LA at the Key Club, when I was maybe 10 or 11 (this was when they reunited in ’96). All nostalgia aside tho, they were one of the most forward thinking and influential groups with a predominantly dub sound. If you think you’ve never heard em, pick up a copy of their self-titled LP from 1979 and you’ll realize you probably know half the tracks.

So never have I been more thrilled to hear a cover, than when Ghetto Bassquake (whom you should be subscribed to, because they are amazing) dropped this little jewels in my ears last week: Fantasma’s incredibly excellent cumbia cover of “Ghost Town” – that cumbia shuffle just works so brilliantly over a reggae song performed by Londoners featuring an orientalized snakecharmer riff… this is a quintessentially postmodern jam, with musical roots on just about every continent.

Download HERE.

Essential Partying: Turrbotax UK invasion, CASSETTENYC, Roni Size @ Love, MAH Mahnday


Roni Size is pretty much the godfather of Drum n Bass. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve heard his shit. Go see him rip it up on Love’s uber soundsystem with the whole Bass Fueled Mischief crew – Hellfire Machina (who have been absolutely crushing it with their Headspace parties), Code of Arms, Odi and Morphous – holding it down.

Git yr tix here. This is TONIGHT!!!!


Hot City, whose tracks have been a staple at every Turrbotax, is fittingly making his US debut there! He just dropped a mix on the prestigious XLR8R podcast. Also on the bill from the UK is Submerse, who just had his mix featured on BigUp magazine’s podcast! What a bunch of tastemakers and trendsetters! 
If you haven’t been, Turrbotax is a monthly at the Cove, formerly Hugs, a loveably trashy bar  with a weird curved ceiling off the Bedford L stop. The resident DJs all fucking kick ass – Mayster in particular always knocks my socks off and I run into Steph Neptune/Video City at every good party. 


CASSETTENYC at the Paul Robeson Theatre
Cassette is a uniquely awesome party. Pseudo-monthly, and held at a different unsexy Brooklyn venue each time, the residents include big names like Machine Drum,  Lando Kal (of LazerSword), Eliot Lipp and Praveen (who isn’t a big name afaik but deserves his props cuz he holds it down with the crew).

This time around, they have the very savvy addition of Mike Slott and FaltyDL –   who’ve both put out music on such uberhip labels as Planet Mu, Ramp and Hotflush.

What makes Cassette really awesome, though, is how all the DJs tag team, song after song. There’s usually 2 tables with 3 or 4 DJs with laptops and a gaggle of midi controllers and cables – from this techy stew arises a relentlessly danceable mash of original productions, exclusive shit, big tchunes and throwback jamz. Bring your outta-town friends, and tell them you’re takin em to the coolest party in Brooklyn – because you are.


Shakey’s Record Fair at Public Assembly
Take a day off from partying and wobble, and go check out this record fair and party. 7PM to 2AM, so you 9-5ers can come too!

They wrote it up pretty damn good over at the Dubspot Blog, so I’m just gonna quote them:
Dubspot friend, veteran NYC DJ, and founder of theWarper PartyJulie Covello, aka DJ Shakey, is hosting one of her renowned record fairs on May 9th.  Be sure to stop by, roll up your sleeves, and dig through some dog-eared gems, just like those hero’s of yours did before all this DVS digital-DJing craziness.

Julie carefully selects dealers for her fair through a network of vinyl devotes she has met through years of experience in the music industry – it is guaranteed that you will find great selections, fair prices, and avoid sifting through loads of bad LPs that somebody bought at your grandmother’s yard sale.

Sponsored by DubspotWax PoeticsTurntable Lab,Cine Noir Film Society

MONDAY 5/10: 

First lady of Bass on a Funktion 1 system? Jesus christ on a bicycle, this one is a fucking no-brainer before I even mention that it’s FREE and there’s a FREE OPEN BAR. And the legendary astral-traveler Francois K will be on decks as well, as it is Deep Space.


Lazer Sword just upped a whole buncha tracks to soundcloud from the Golden Handshake EP. Composed in ’07, but released this week, you’ll recognize a lot of these tracks from your favorite mixes. A few initial rxns to hearing these on their own:

3d Action Jackson –
Music to blast in your space cadillac on as you order get your astro-burgers with EXTRA lazer sauce. Serious top-notch glitch-disco.
Lando Kal – 3D Action Jackson  by  LAZER SWORD

Trapperkeeper –
A trackname that will thrill any 80s baby, is a mega-man boss theme on ketamine. Get into it.
Low Limit – Trapperkeeper  by  LAZER SWORD

Penguine ft. E40-
Hugg n Pepp have been doing some big things lately, evidenced by their recent collaboration with the scion of hyphy, E-40 (at least until the resurreection of Mac Dre). Big tchune here, classic ninja-turtle sewer murkin shit.
Hugg & Pepp – Penguini (Lando Kal Edit)  by  LAZER SWORD

Gold Star Radiation –
With a nice variety of robot squawks, sporadic claps, digital slap bass and chunkily-reverbed space-synth stabs, Justice comparisons aren’t that far off the mark. But there’s a nuanced funk here, that informs the listener this comes from a producer more interested in seeing your booty move than seeing his name move up the hypem charts.
Hovatron – Gold Star Radiation (Lando Kal remix)  by  LAZER SWORD

Where ya Been 7.0 –
pretty standard gangsta-blip-hop with lots of gun-noise samples, but the slowed down, glitched-out breakdown at 2:38 will have you reachin for the TURBO button on your custom SNES controller.
Low Limit – Where You Been 7.0  by  LAZER SWORD


Hot off the cloudpress this morning! The King of All Whomps himself, Bassnectar just uploaded 5 BRAND NEW tracks to his soundcloud. There’s a lot I could say right now, but I’m gonna opt for content over commentary and let the new heat speak for itself. WHOMP!!!!!

Bassnectar – Magical World feat. Nelly Furtado (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Bassnectar

Bassnectar – Bass Head by Bassnectar

Bassnectar – Timestretch by Bassnectar

DJ Vadim – Maximum ft La Methode (Bassnectar & ill.Gates Remix) by Bassnectar

Bassnectar – Timestretch (West Coast Lo Fi Remix) by Bassnectar

dBstep – International Dubstep Documentary! Yeah!

No background info on the creators, but this new documentary gives a really great and nuanced look at dubstep via interviews with producers who created it. Borgore, Benga, Starkey and more. There are subtitles the whole time, which is good, because between the heavy beats and heavier UK accents and all the French, German and other languages in the film, language kinda melts into the background.

watch it here, for free:


DJs You Should Be About: BARNEY ILLER

Barney Iller, aka Alex Ferguson, is an equal opportunity shit-destroyer

BIG BIG BIG UPS to our homeboy DJ Barney Iller for snagging a spot on the lineup at Mad Breaks Tea Party on friday the 19th. He’s spinning with some of the finest: Marty Party (1/2 of pAnTyRaId with Ooah of the Glitch Mob, you can google them yourself) and Do Lab resident Braden. Incidentally, Braden started the 16bit & Beyond (warning: loud autoplay) party in LA, which is hosting whomp-faves Sub Swara in Los Angeles on friday. Between that and Bay area faves EPROM + ESKMO at Dub War the same night, there’s some SERIOUS East Coast/West Coast bass science cross-pollination going on this weekend!

But I digress! This post iin’t about that, it’s about the man DJ BARNEY ILLER. First off, hit play on this mix, then keep reading:

Barney Iller – Barney Iller Don’t Give A Fuck mix  by  barneyiller

K, now that you’re startin to feel kinda wiggly, let’s get into it: Barney Iller has been makin peeps do dances they’ve never done before for many many years now as a resident at Rubulad (I think it’s so funny that there’s a Yelp page for a legendary underground party venue – since ’94, son!). My first Barney Iller experience was maybe 6 months ago, when a certain pink-haired friend of mine told me, to paraphrase,

“You know those amazing Baptazia videos? Well there’s a party just like that at Rubulad this week. Where everyone wears there Sunday Best and loses their shit to Drum N’ Bass.”

Turns out Barney Iller is the (a?) mastermind behind that. And it was pretty much a done deal from there on out. His mixes and remixes are all choice, eclectic, and his sense of humor only serves to reinforce his sense of how to make you dance like you’re feelin the holy spirit. Fuck a tweet, follow this dude on soundcloud! RIGHT NOW!

Barney will also be gracing the decks at Bass Fueled Mischief’s next event, METROPOLIS #2 at Love, tag teaming with 45 legend Shakey (founder of the almost 4 years old now Warper parties). This event totally deserves it’s own post, but for now, just know that it is an EARTHSHATTERING lineup of NYC faves:

Hellfire Machina (UK)
Joro Boro
Barney Iller and Shakey

ESSENTIAL PARTYING: Trouble & Bass ft. Kanji Kinetic + DZ

T&B 3 year anniversary party with Skream & Benga. Photos by

DZ said it best: “Dubstep is Boring“. That’s why Trouble & Bass is so damn amazing. While every other party promoter seems to be hopping on the dubstep bandwagon (that’s been in a ditch for a few years now*), Trouble & Bass is creating their own genre of much more exciting party music. For 3+ years now, the T&B crew (AC Slater, Star Eyes, Drop the Lime, and The Captain) have been obliterating dancefloors across NYC and beyond with their signature Brooklyn Bass. They always make a point that these aren’t club nights, they’re parties – and not just any parties. Consistently, more than any other entity that throws em, they throw the best damn parties in New York City. Everyone who comes out is sexy, dressed fresh to death, and dancin like a motherfucker. 

Their special guest this week is DZ (who gets plenty of press) and the criminally slept-on  Kanji Kinetic, who (much like Chrissy Murderbot or the post-deserving Squire of Gothos) is pioneering some serious speed wobble – like happy hardcore on downers or if a rave got twisted through a moebius strip; it’s 140-150 BPMs of neck-breakin, lose-your-shit relentlessness. This is workout music – get ready to sweat on Saturday! 

Kanji Kinetic – Mix for ScenexScience
Kanji Kinetic – (free random tracks, bootlegs, remixes)
Trouble & Bass – Smashcast #2 ft. Kanji Kinetic (itunes podcast)
DZ – For Love RMX (youtube)

Oh yeah, and it’s at Santos Party House, which is the only other club sound system on par with Love’s. Seeing Joker there was the first time I’d been in the downstairs when they turned it ALL THE WAY UP. It was bone-jelllifying

Saturday, 2/20 at Santos Party House (map)

$7 adv/$10 day of
*for the record, I ain’t hating on dubstep – lord knows how many times I’ve lost my shit to Eastern Jam, Caspa, Rusko, etc…but I’m definitely hating on everyone who promotes a party and plasters their flyer/event listing with the word “dubstep” (invariably in all-caps) as though it’s some magic salve that will transform their trendy culture-grab into a halcyon blasty blast of a good time. Just because you’re not funded by a corporation doesn’t mean you aren’t engaging in cultural appropriation. Your whackness is seen, and noted. 


sickass art that came with the EPROM ’09 mix

THIS FRIDAY: Eprom and Eskmo are supporting Shackleton at DUB WAR, the original NYC bass party. Eskmo we’ve talked about already. It’s EPROM you need to know about. His “Enter The Psyphy” mix, even before Jantsens polyponymous “whomptronica”, was a turning point in my life, musically speaking. It’s what put me on to the whole west coast glitch-hop sound in early ’07.
ESKMO’s new productions trade bwomp for remorselessly bitcrushed granularized bassline crunk – his snares sound like a bowl of capn crunch, dr. pepper and pop rocks gettin nommed by a decepticon. It’s dark and nasty and raw stuff, but also kinda has this saturday morning cartoon adventure vibe. 
And now Dub War is back at Love, after a 3 month hiatus and something I heard about a renovation; if you’ve never been, Love is a magical and literally underground club with a midsized wood dancefloor and a soundsystem that will rip your fucking face off. The walls made entirely of subs. I always make a point when I’m there to crouch in a corner and take a “bass bath” – it’s basically vibrating every molecule in your body on intensely pleasurable frequencies. I heard the fraggle rock area is for sale, too, which I guess means that they took out that deliciously slutty 2 level cave-couch leather and fur playpen room where you could watch projections on a waterfall between you and the bar.   
EPROM – 2009 Mix 
EPROM – Enter The Psyphy Mix
Friday, 2/19 at Love (map)

Ruckus Roboticus and Stevie Wonder meets Dubstep

Ruckus Roboticus – R.U.C.K. in the U.K. MIX
Just dropped 3 days ago, Ruckus Roboticus once again proves why he is one of my favorite party DJs, like, EVAR. Don’t listen to this anywhere you’d be embarrassed to rip your pants from goin’ all the way to the floor whilst dancing. 
and also …

Beardyman – Stevie Wonder meets Dubstep
Vocal whomptronica. Just watch it. 

Essential Listening – Mosholu, Pure, Ruckus Roboticus, Paris DJs

Art by the most excellent inumocca

ASTOUNDING new mix from Dutty Artz’s own Mosholu Park, entitled “I’m At The Fire! Baby, Where Are You?”. According to the post,

“At The Fire Is NOT a MIX – it is an EMOTION — or rather a series of emotions”.

And he’s right – this is future emo at it’s finest. Robotic dub tears. Not party music, but more like the soundtrack to those unstoppable 3-6am creativity sessions after fighting with your lover.  It sounds like a supercomputer cluster going through a messy breakup. And it’s the first mix I’ve heard really successfully drop that new Big Boi joint, “Fo Yo Sorrows”, which I find more compelling with ever listen. Also has fresh shit from Shadetek, Terror Danjah, Schlohmo, Lucky Dragons and lots more.


New mix from Pure! This guys has put out tons of classic mixes that I’ve found via One of the few DJs that is truly and effortlessly in control at the intersection of hip hop, experimental and electronica. This one features choice cuts from Dabrye, Skipless, Machine Drum, Blue Sky Black Death, CanOx and Four Tet.

Honestly, I haven’t listened to this yet, but Pure has a flawless track record with me, and it comes highly recommended via my girl Ashton at UG Strategies. Plus, it’s brought to us by Percussion Lab, who are purveyors consistently high quality mixes.


Brand new remix from Ruckus Roboticus. This guy is a big favorite over here at Whomptronica Industries, plays all our holiday parties. Makes the whole accounting department go dumb, every time. 

In his own words:

“My official remix for Fool’s Gold (the band). One part “World Cafe”, one part indie pop, and one part lo-fi electro… Please ENJOY!”

Fool’s Gold – Nadine (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) by Ruckus Roboticus

BONUS! Ruckus Roboticus remixes Australian rap duo KillaQueenz Boyfriend single – LOVING the sample from The Angels My Boyfriend’s Back.

KillaQueenz “Boyfriend” (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) by Ruckus Roboticus

You should be following him on Soundcloud RIGHT NOW. Get on that. And then you wouldn’t be sleeping on his hilarious mambo remix of I’m In Miami Bitch.


Grant Phabao and Djouls are two world-class diggers and mixtape maestros, running the site While they mostly focus on world music, dub, hip hop and other funky shit, they also dabble in some whompier stuff.

One of my favorite ongoing features is their mixtape series, “Who is Molesting Laura”, now on installment 17! The “Laura” series is always all covers, but each one has a different theme.  They dropped 3 of them the yesterday, and episode 14 is a mix of roots reggae mashed with hip-hop and classic party jamz. Supreme.

Starting off with a VERY inspired mashup of Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil (famously sampled by Prodigy in Outer Space) and Lauryn Hill’s “Ready or Not”, there’s also a ragga cover of Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Jamie Liddell’s Multiply getting chopped and screwed over a totally different chord progression, and Blackstreet, MJ and Wu Tang all show up to get irie too!

GET IT HERE and subscribe to their RSS and podcast already!

Hot Toddies in Audio Format!

Some freshness for ya face:

Hot off the podpresses, Subswara’s third podcast in as many months! This used to be one of those every 4-5 months podcasts, so I’m really glad they’ve been picking up the pace. I really can’t stop saying good things about Sub Swara until I see every one of you at their shows (and they’ve been hinting at the next Sub City Sessions – the last one was epic).

Featuring superfresh unreleased exclusives from DZ, Benga, Dev79 remixing Erykah Badu, LD remix of Mungo’s Hi-Fi, and a spanking new track from Sharmaji and Juakali of Sub Swara.

You’ve Got the Love (The xx Remix)

couldn’t find the original story, but this song was one music bloggers entire year-end list, eloquently stating that (and I’m paraphrasing here, sorry) while it might not be the most facemeltinglyskullcrushing blah blah whatever, it does exactly what all good music should do, “get you laid”!

ft. Art by Flying Lotus…. really nothing more to say here that the title doesn’t already. These two names are synonymous with awesome in my book.

This kid is 19? Jesus, he was a freshman when I was a senior! And he’s totally killin it on chilled-synth-wonk-wobble-nu-illbient juicebox beats for introspective kids who spent a lot of time watching cartoons with spaceships and robots and staring out car windows. I mean, seriously, he drops a track by Low Limit (of Lazer Sword) called “Trapperkeeper”! 80s babies ftw.

Oh and for the record, Schlohmo is not, afaik, the UK Beatboxer Shlomo as some others have asserted.

DJ Cable vs Murdertronics

Both Cable and Murdertronics dropped Christmas-themed mixes this week (tho Cable’s was from last year) and both feature quite a few of the same tracks. Who killed it harder?? Both have their merits but I’d be interested to hear what y’all think…

Link to Cable’s Mix and post about it.

Murdertronics Christmas featuring MegaBone Mix 01  by  Murdertronics

Y’ah GLOWIN tonight??

flyer by the effervescently phosphorescent

This is going to be a seriously Brooklyn throwdown…soooo many good people will be in the building tonight!!! We got Code of Arms, Odi & Diggadee representing Konkrete Jungle and Methods and the Darkroom Crew. Jubilee and Proper Villians repping Nightshifters, and American Dream Team will kill it as always,  Atom C will bring out the NYCRavers krew, no doubt, Ritalin and Sam Black (TOGETHER AGAIN!!!) for some serious Original Brooklyn flava… 

If everything goes off, this could be a historic night…see you there!!!

Info below ripped + condensed from the fbook event:


Join us as we take you on a musical and counter-cultural experience that explores our electronic community and its long-lasting relationship with all things chemiluminescent. This evening will truly be a trip to the cutting edge of psychedelia and beyond…We encourage you to bring items of a glowing, fluorescent, luminescent, and blinking nature.

RITALIN and MurdaMouf


TIME: 9pm sharp till the sun comes up.
AGES: 18 to enter 21 to glow (Please have proof positive ID for entry and purchase of alcohol. In other words … no ID no entry)
Hello Brooklyn 18 Commerce Street Brooklyn (map), NY (F or G Train to Smith/9th) (RED HOOK)
PRODUCTION: We will be sparing no expense this evening to make this venue truly glow!

Lights, Lazers, and Black light installations by Power Trip Lighting. (this is a very good thing)
Visuals by VJ Awaiz
sound by AudioLust

FREE: U.V. face and body painting and Glow Sticks ALL NIGHT!

$15 in advance @ BROOKLYNGLOWS.COM till dec 24th
$20 @ The door Before 11pm
$25 After 11pm

Drink specials all night
$5 vodka shots with PBR
$5 vodka well mixer drinks

Get yo’ Hannuchrismakwanzica on

From all of us here at Whomptronica Headquarters in Brooklyn,
To all of you and yours, wherever that might be…

Happy Holla-Daze!

And a whompy New Year!

And now… a heavy dose of remixed holiday audio/video schlock from dem boys called Eclectic Method. Get your xmas Love & Hate on in under 3 minutes! Party hard with the Gremlins, Muppets and the Pumpkin King!  Heavy beats + choice samples!

Eclectic Method – Haul The Decks 2009 from Eclectic Method on Vimeo.
via Brian Life (thanks homie!)

TONS of free tunes from Streetlab!

One of the really standout artists I found this year was Streetlab. Based just down the road from us in Brooklyn, these two gents have been cranking out remixes that absolutely knock my socks off.

And today they announced via facebook that THEY ARE GIVING AWAY EVERY TRACK & REMIX THEY PRODUCED THIS YEAR. Click on that bigass link to get em! These are two prolific dudes – something like 20 remixes and another half dozen originals. And they all slay. In particular, I want to listen to that Hall & Oates remix all the goddamn time.

Their style really reminds me of The Philip Steir remix of “Magic Carpet Ride” from the GO soundtrack (anyone else play that one till your discman broke?) – they preserve the vibe of the original track while amping it up with modern production… par example, peep their most excellent remix of Gimme Shelter below:

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (streetlab mix)  by  Streetlab

So what are you waiting for?! Go cop the rest of these fantastic tracks!

Streetlab – 2009 Roundup


(Dancehall reggae + 50 stars simultaneously going supernova + aural autofellatio) / 2009 =


It’s no wonder the likes of Rusko, Jackmaster, and Toddla T have his tracks in rotation…

Here’s his Badboy Crab Meat Mix (dl in link) for FACT magazine


Redlight & Dynamite – Weepers* MASSIVE
Redlight – Kid Soldiers (2:25)
Redlight – Champion Style (4:42)
Redlight Feat Serocee, Dread & Omi – Be With You (Dubplate Mix) (6:00)*
Redlight – Rock Bottom (8:22)
Redlight Ft Jenna G & Jammer – Pick Up The Phone (9:44)
Redlight – Stupid (12:14)*
Redlight Ft Redskin & Scorpio – Twist Up (13:23)
Redlight – MDMA (15:12)* MASSIVE
Redlight Ft Redskin, Zaniah & Dread – Feel So Good (17:00)*

Cop Lobster Boy EP on Lala sooner rather than later.

You’re welcome.


I get so HYPED when the little blue dot shows up next to the Brainfeeder podcast in my iTunes. More than any other crew, Brainfeeder makes me miss the West Coast. And today’s mix is extra hype because it’s chock full of fresh exclusives from one of my absolute all-time favorites….from San Francisco, California:

Eskmo’s sound has really matured with this latest batch of songs. Make sure to listen to this on a good system – his big warm gooey synths roll across the soundscape like herds of giant pancake monsters, bouncy riddims keep it moving, and the bleeps are sooooo tasty. Like a freakyass dream you can’t really remember, it feels simultaneously underwater, baroque, and hyperfuturistic.

This guy has been in total CRUSH MODE this year. In February he dropped The Ancestor Mix Described as “classy dubstep” or “dinosaurs fighting robots”, depending on you who ask; all that really matters is that it’s been in heavy rotation on my speakers for damn near a year how to get free gems on episode now. In April his Hypercolor EP got props from Amon Tobin, then he did some remixes for STS9 and the Brooklyn’s own Sub Swara crew (who will be getting their own post very soon). Oh and he toured as Welder (supporting STS9) with Evan Bluetech, who has a great name and also rules at the whole downtempo-whomp-space-dub thing. And now Eskmo’s got remixes out on Warp and a split with EPROM out on Planet Mu! Not bad for a years work, going from self-released on your own digital label to getting pushed by 3 of the biggest labels in dance music. And that’s just the abridg’d version.

ESKMO – Colorbrain Mix – Get it Here
ESKMO – The Ancestor Mix – Get it Here
…and a special bonus for you lucky devils, Evan Bluetech has an EP for download by donation, so go support his philanthropic ass, wouldja?
EVAN BLUETECH  – Call of the Wild EP – Get it Here

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