Essential Listening – Mosholu, Pure, Ruckus Roboticus, Paris DJs

Art by the most excellent inumocca

ASTOUNDING new mix from Dutty Artz’s own Mosholu Park, entitled “I’m At The Fire! Baby, Where Are You?”. According to the post,

“At The Fire Is NOT a MIX – it is an EMOTION — or rather a series of emotions”.

And he’s right – this is future emo at it’s finest. Robotic dub tears. Not party music, but more like the soundtrack to those unstoppable 3-6am creativity sessions after fighting with your lover.  It sounds like a supercomputer cluster going through a messy breakup. And it’s the first mix I’ve heard really successfully drop that new Big Boi joint, “Fo Yo Sorrows”, which I find more compelling with ever listen. Also has fresh shit from Shadetek, Terror Danjah, Schlohmo, Lucky Dragons and lots more.


New mix from Pure! This guys has put out tons of classic mixes that I’ve found via One of the few DJs that is truly and effortlessly in control at the intersection of hip hop, experimental and electronica. This one features choice cuts from Dabrye, Skipless, Machine Drum, Blue Sky Black Death, CanOx and Four Tet.

Honestly, I haven’t listened to this yet, but Pure has a flawless track record with me, and it comes highly recommended via my girl Ashton at UG Strategies. Plus, it’s brought to us by Percussion Lab, who are purveyors consistently high quality mixes.


Brand new remix from Ruckus Roboticus. This guy is a big favorite over here at Whomptronica Industries, plays all our holiday parties. Makes the whole accounting department go dumb, every time. 

In his own words:

“My official remix for Fool’s Gold (the band). One part “World Cafe”, one part indie pop, and one part lo-fi electro… Please ENJOY!”

Fool’s Gold – Nadine (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) by Ruckus Roboticus

BONUS! Ruckus Roboticus remixes Australian rap duo KillaQueenz Boyfriend single – LOVING the sample from The Angels My Boyfriend’s Back.

KillaQueenz “Boyfriend” (Ruckus Roboticus Remix) by Ruckus Roboticus

You should be following him on Soundcloud RIGHT NOW. Get on that. And then you wouldn’t be sleeping on his hilarious mambo remix of I’m In Miami Bitch.


Grant Phabao and Djouls are two world-class diggers and mixtape maestros, running the site While they mostly focus on world music, dub, hip hop and other funky shit, they also dabble in some whompier stuff.

One of my favorite ongoing features is their mixtape series, “Who is Molesting Laura”, now on installment 17! The “Laura” series is always all covers, but each one has a different theme.  They dropped 3 of them the yesterday, and episode 14 is a mix of roots reggae mashed with hip-hop and classic party jamz. Supreme.

Starting off with a VERY inspired mashup of Max Romeo’s Chase the Devil (famously sampled by Prodigy in Outer Space) and Lauryn Hill’s “Ready or Not”, there’s also a ragga cover of Shimmy Shimmy Ya, Jamie Liddell’s Multiply getting chopped and screwed over a totally different chord progression, and Blackstreet, MJ and Wu Tang all show up to get irie too!

GET IT HERE and subscribe to their RSS and podcast already!

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