Wompblog is about bass music events and soundsystem culture in New York City. That means grime, dubstep, footwork, jungle,drum n bass, dub, garage, instrumental hip-hop (“beats”), and some techno. No brostep, no EDM.

We list upcoming bass music shows in the NYC area on the Events page, announced on the Twitter, and delivered every Friday in an email called the WompList. You can sign up for that right here or on the Win Tickets Page.

Oh yeah, we’re usually giving away some tickets to upcoming shows.

Pro-Vibes Platform

The idea here is to increase visibility (and hopefully, attendance and sustainability) for the events we love, and connect people who love bass music with high quality events.

Anything we list is something we think is worth going to. If there’s more than one event on a given day, they’re ranked (loosely) on the following criteria: quality and depth of lineup and how hyped we are about them at time of publication, soundsystem quality, if the cover is fucking ripoff or a good deal, venue & location overall, the crowd & their vibes, and space to dance.

Do you throw shows that I should be listing? Hit me up: wompblog [at] gmail or @womp_blog on twitter.

Who? And Why?

I’m Evan (fka squidelephant). I started this as a blogspot in 2008ish to write about electronic music (lol) and keep track of upcoming shows. After a few years of that, I migrated to WordPress and redesigned around the keeping-track-of-shows part. This site would not be possible without my talented and lovely co-editor Fru, who helps curate the music and events herein.

photo by Andre Lira

it us.

I have to give a special shoutout to Dub War – more than any other party, the experience I had there (and the desire to share that with more people) is the reason why this blog exists.

WTF is Womp?

As I understand it, it’s an onomatopoeia for the low end in electronic music, and the way it feels when it hits you on a proper soundsystem. For what it’s worth, I think I first encountered it here.

And no, I’m not the guy who tags WOMP, but bigup whoever you are.

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