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outlook festival 2015 sept 2-6 fort punta christo croatia

Beach Parties! Sunshine! Vibes! FUCK YEAH OUTLOOK.

10 days to go until Outlook Festival 2015 properly kicks off, and we’re stupid excited. It’s the Mecca of soundsystem culture, and it’s been almost 3 years since we last made the pilgrimage.  But we’ve been plotting our return the whole time. Since we can’t start packing quite yet, here’s what we’re really looking forward to the most.



void acoustics outside the fort outlook 2015 fort punta christo croatia

One of the mid-sized soundsystems at Outlook. Photo by Void Acoustics.

They’re the heart and soul of Outlook, and what really distinguishes it from other music festivals. Every stage has a world class rig that would blow away nearly anything you’ve heard in NYC (except Tsunami Bass, they could hang). Some of the smaller systems there (not pictured above) are roughly equivalent to the main room at Output. No matter where you go there, you’ll be getting that fully submerged, body/mind/soul bass experience.


Boat Parties

outlook festival 2015 boat parties

Photo by yours truly

Duh. Definitely the best way to see an artist I love. You’re in a super intimate venue with the Adriatic sun and sea as backdrop. Once you leave dock, there’s no turning back (and definitely no swimming ashore!) so the whole crowd is 100% committed. Oh and the boat soundsystems? They don’t skimp. Here’s the full arsenal this year (to be split between 3 boats):

Electrikal Sound System outlook 2015 boat party

Photo by Electrikal Sound

Catch us on the 20/20 Boat Thursday (Ivy Lab, Fracture, Jon Phonics), Archetype Boat on Friday with Amy Becker, NYC’s own Doctor Jeep (!!!), The Heatwave and Benton, and of course the Deep Medi Boat on Saturday.


The Moat

outlook festival moat stage renegade hardware 20 tectonic 10 swamp 81

photo by Polona Kumelj

There’s a lot to be said for the whole castle setting of Outlook, but that’s another post. This is probably my favorite venue in the world. First, it is in fact a moat; a massive trench dug 30+ feet into the earth, reinforced with sloping stone walls. Here’s a clear picture of it in the daytime. But fill it with ravers, a lethal soundsystem and lights, and it becomes an apocalyptic wind tunnel of bass. It’s like something out of a sci fi fever dream.


The Moat is hosting some of the more hardcore-leaning sounds of the festival – Renegade Hardware, Tectonic, Swamp81 and Critical Sound. Personally, we’ll be in there for the Tectonic takeover most of Saturday night.


Rare UK Artists

outlook festival dmz mala coki pokes rare uk artists

photo by Dan Medhurst

One of the biggest draws for us as American citizens – finally getting to see all the amazing artists we’ve been listening to but somehow never get to New York! Even better, it’s with a crowd that knows and loves the music.






The Bug

Full DMZ voltron (Mala, Coki, Pokes and Loe)



Culture Bomb

Outlook festival 2015 roots culture

photo by Zoe Lower

Finally, the thing that’s the most wonderful, but also the hardest to describe about Outlook is getting immersed in sound system culture. Out there, you can traverse the entire hardcore continuum in one night; going from roots dub to dubstep to 2 step to grime to jungle to halftime to hip hop. Hearing sleng teng 100 different ways and the amen break 1000. Finally seeing artists that you’ve only ever heard sampled – like the last time we were there, hearing Max Romeo actually Chasing the Devil to outer space

If you’re passionate about this music, then on some level you recognize that it’s part of a something larger – a fabric of history, culture and struggle that is still being created. That can be a tricky thing to articulate, but at Outlook you feel it. And that is truly a beautiful thing. 


YOU GUYS It’s almost time for Outlook Festival and I’m starting to freak out a little bit. If you don’t know already, Outlook is the world’s greatest celebration of sound system music and culture, and it’s set in an abandoned fort on the stunning Adriatic coast in Croatia. It’s been 2 years since we were last there and we can not WAIT to get back. If reconstrvct is our local church, then Outlook is Mecca. And the Vatican. And Jerusalem. It’s a pilgrimage to the promised land.

I could go on, but this highlights video from last year does a much better job of transmitting all the vibes in 6 minutes than I could in a lifetime (especially if you watch it in HD 😎).

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting what we are most looking forward to, as well as some handy info for Americans who are trying to reach this summer. If that’s you, then it’s not too late! Tickets have not yet sold out (but they will) and flights are still pretty reasonable (but won’t be for much longer). Hit me up if you have any logistical questions.

PS go see him melt minds tonight at Deep Space – adv tix are just $10 all day or $20 at the door. Just imagine these tunes on Cielo’s Funktion-1s and tell me that’s not worth $10.

Go check out our feature for more info on tonight’s festivities (ticket contest is over btw). Nuff chat, on with the tunes »

Been waiting for these to get uploaded!

I first discovered Berlin’s Through My Speakers crew via the yung goddess Sarah Farina. I was pretty dang pleased when they got their own Boiler Room showcase last month (I’m guessing their excellent summer compilation NURNED.01 had something to do with it).

Only then did I realize that one of the members of TMS, Soulmind, was the same Soulmind who made one of the most beautiful, moving mixes of bass music I’ve ever heard (Over Distant Mountains: A Year In Bass Music). I posted rather effusively about it back when it dropped but hadn’t heard much from dude since then. I guess he was busy linking up with my future favorite DJs.

It’s completely unsurprising then that Soulmind’s BR set was fantastic. Impeccable mixing and selection, climaxing with the teklife classic All I do is (smoke trees) into a completely facemelting juke edit of DJ Shadow’s masterpiece Midnight in a Perfect World. Extra special s/o to whoever was doing the video mix right then; the shot of the setting sun over Berlin’s skyline was a really nice touch.

While all the sets were great, I was also particularly moved by Le Feu’s set. She goes so goddamned hard, clearly giving no fucks that the sun is way out:

And also Sarah Farina’s second, and hopefully not last set on BRTV. Switching it up from her last set which was mostly 160, here she has a ton of fun mashing things up in the 130 range:

Finally just wanted to give one more a s/o to another TMS member, She’s Drunk. His tune Pull Up is a dancefloor weapon in the vein of Pearson Sound’s Blanked or Tessela’s immortal Hackney Parrot. It’s also a free DL from mixmag so go grab dat.

For more goodness from Berlin’s Through My Speakers crew make sure to follow them on Soundcloud!

Tonight! T&B x TURRBOTAX® at Verboten

Verboten’s new club in Brooklyn is part of the revived dance music scene. A bit more on the radar, and visible to the mainstream club scene, Verboten has a chance to showcase interesting music to a larger audience, than say Bossa Nova Civic Club and other similar fantastic venues. In order to succeed on this front, clubs need to work with event producers & promoters and labels to curate certain nights of music.

Trouble & Bass x TURRBOTAX® has one of the best nights happening at Verboten, and my favorite personally. T&B and TURRBOTAX® have been throwing parties in New York for a few years now, pushing forward the sounds of bass music and house/techno respectively. I remember T&B used to often hold it down at the “loft” above Public Assembly (the ersatz attic rave ting) and TURRBOTAX® used to pack out The Cove. Both those now changed and/or defunct venues used to get extra live when those crews threw parties there.

Now work together to curate one of the best nights in New York right now. Tonight Trouble & Bass is holding it down with the don Alix Perez from Exit Records/Shogun Audio/Metalheadz, Alix Perez. The dnB don’s music is of the dark halftime variety, interspersed with jungle rinseouts, and footwork breakdown phrases. That explains his last EP, featuring the late great DJ Rashad, and legend DJ Spinn.

Some of my other favorites are playing too including, Starkey:

And FaltyDL:

Rounding out the T&B room are residents Star Eyes (T&B boss) and Yung God, Doctor Jeep.

TURRBOTAX® is curating its room with Detroit OG Marcellus Pittman in the mix! The man is certified techno, and overall music force.

RSVP here for free entry before midnight: http://www.verbotenny.com/rsvp/

Packed with breaky goodness, slow jungle and 130ish Keysound kinda stuff – if you loved Hackney Parrot, you’ll love this. Featuring unreleased tracks from Wen and Parris (who destroyed at the Reconstrvct before last), Facta and Epoch (who are playing the next one and the one after that, respectively) and loads of Etch originals. This is my favorite strain of bass music right now and god bless Reconstrvct for bringing it to us when almost no one else is (but hey Luke, could you book Etch in year 3 pretty please???)

Etch & Parris – Different Angles
Etch – Sphynx
Facta – Zodiak
Etch – Solidified
Epoch – Babylon
Etch – Stargate
Wen – Galactic
Etch – Chemotaxis
Etch, E.m.m.a & Parris – Purgatory
Acre – City
Wen – It’s Alot
El-B – Bubble (Dub)
PulseCode – Get Large (Circula Remix)
Etch – The Foundation
Wagon Christ – Toomorrow
Etch – Triptych
DJ Rashad – Only One
Source Direct – Different Groove

Our homies at MeanRed know that we’re big fans of Oneman over here at Wompblog, and have graciously bequeathed us two tickets for his show tomorrow night at the Panther Room. We’re giving them away to a lucky reader – could it be YOU!?

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Tickets are courtesy of MeanRed. Winner will be on the guestlist with a +1, so they and a guest will get entry free of charge. Winner will be required to show photo ID (event is 21+).

WOMPLIST 86: Butterz: Swindle, Elijah & Skilliam, Flava D, Royal T // DJ Rashad, Ikonika, Dr. Jeep // DarkDisco: Kaytranada, Sango // Bunker: Voices from the Lake, Clay Wilson // Archie Pelago // Vitamin B


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Secret Guests/Butterz Preparty: Kozee, The Orator, Secret Guest at TBA Brooklyn [6-11PM/FREE]
View Event (offsite) »


Descent & RBMA pres: BUTTERZ US Tour ft. Swindle, Elijah, Skilliam, Royal-T, Flava D, Subset at Slake [10PM/FREEwRSVP/$10adv]
View Event »


The Bunker 002/003 Release Party: Voices from the Lake (extended live set), Clay Wilson, Bryan Kasenic at Output, Portable, Mike Servito and Wrecked in the Panther Room [10PM-5AM/$20-25]
View Event (offsite) »


Vitamin B: Beatslappaz (Perth, AUS), Nate Dark, barney Iller, Tektite, Tim the Enchanter, plus Tinseltown, Eric Wallace and Adi at The Paper Box [10PM-5AM/$15-20]
View Event (offsite) »



DJ Rashad, Ikonika, Dr Jeep at Cameo Gallery [12AM/$15-20]
View Event (offsite) »


Dark Disco: Kaytranada, Sango, STWO, DKDS at 88 Palace [11PM/$15-20]
View Event (offsite) »


LEVEL: Archie Pelago, Georgia Dust, Andrew Devlon, more tba at Bizarre BK [11PM/FREE]
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dusk blackdown reconstrvct preview doctor jeep twitter

Wondering what Dusk & Blackdown’s set at the next Reconstrvct is gonna be like? Well thanks to the internet chutzpah of Dr. Jeep, we now know that their latest rinse.fm show should be a decent preview. No embed but you can download it at their blog, just hit the big purple download link.

Tracklist looks to be full of treats, including new Wen (that’s not on the new album), new faves like Caski & Moleskin, and some sincerely crazy new bits from known badmen Damu and Etch.

E.m.m.a. “Candy Stripe” [unreleased]
Caski “Tunnel Music” [unreleased]
My Nu Leng “Masterplan ft. Fox” [Black Butter]
Wen & Parris “Mori” [unreleased]
Brunks “Exit” [unreleased]
Mista Men “Dread” [unreleased]
Cliques “CHRO” [unreleased]
Hodge “Renegades” [forthcoming dnuoS ytiviL]
Damu “No Pain, No Gain” [unreleased]
Dusk + Blackdown “Drenched (Facta remix)” [unreleased]
Atlas “Polar” [unreleased]
Lamont “Far Away” [unreleased]
Facta “Quince” [unreleased]
Gantz ft. Rider Shafique “I&I” [forthcoming Deep Medi]
Luke Benjamin “Buddha Flow” [unreleased]
Riffs “Black Sound” [unreleased]
Etch “Champion Dancehall” [unreleased]
Dcult “Crawler” [unreleased]
Charlux “Neck Snap” [unreleased]
Korma “Springblade” [unreleased]
Underclass “Rinse Compressor (Epoch’s FTS Remix)” [unreleased]
P Money “Mad (Wen remix)” [unreleased]
Prince Rapid “Prince” [forthcoming]
Kakarot “Port Harcourt (Shriekin’ Specialist’s Orchestral Maximalism Bongo Remix VIP)” [unreleased]
Moleskin “Imagination Pulse” [unreleased]
Fresh Paul “Tranquilisers” [unreleased]

Luke Benjamin “Cold Roads” [unreleased]
Amen Ra “Yielding” [unreleased]
Luke Benjamin “No Light” [unreleased]
Double Helix “2000 Dust” [unreleased]
Double Helix “Untitled”[unreleased]

Chainless “Artifacts” [unreleased]
Wiley “Samename (Colder Refix ((Logos Step 20 vocal)) [unreleased]
Murlo “Bowed” [unreleased]
Ruff Sqwad “R U Double F (Shriekin’ Specialist Remake)” [unreleased]
Low Deep “Cheeky Violin (Arctic mix)” [unreleased]
Logos “Atlanta 96 Rework” [unreleased]

Our favorite Annie Mac mixes + reduced list for tonight at Panther Room

Goddamn I love Annie Mac. As the deep pop-house thing has blown up over the last year, Annie has proven herself to be a true tastemaker in the nascent genre. With her regular BBC1 show, her weekly Free Music Monday downloads and especially with her finely constructed mixes, she effortlessly sifts out the true gems from an endless sea of drivel. If I’ve had a soulful, poppy house/bass tune stuck in my head over the last year, there’s an 90% probability it came from one of her mixes.

So, naturally I implore all of you reading this to get your asses out to the Panther Room at Output tonight for her first NYC gig in ages (the last time she was here was Mixpak Halloween in 2011). She’ll be playing in the intimate Panther Room tonight at Output with hometown heroes Jubilee and Alex English supporting.

To help get your ass on the floor, we got access to the reduced list at the door tonight, so you’ll pay less than everyone else to get in and get down. Just send your FULL NAME to wompblog@gmail.com before 7:30PM tonight, and we’ll make sure you get on. To make it even EASIER, you can just enter your name in the form below – this will not only get us your name for the reduced list at the door, but also subscribe you to the WompList, a weekly email where you’ll find out about all the best upcoming bass music shows in NYC (and get more sweet hookups like this one).

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