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Opiuo – Butternut Slap pt. 1, OUT NOW!

First in a trifecta of EPs that will form a complete album, Butternut Slap is everything you love about Opiuo, but fresher. Bombastic, frenetic, and funky-as-hell – this is the bleeding edge of glitch hop. Alongside luminaries like Koan Sound and Blunt Instrument, Opiuo is helping to push glitch hop forward toward a future that

Filastine – Colony Collapse (dubstep that means something)

Phenomenally powerful dubstep music from Filastine (ft. Nova) and an incredible video to match. I’ve been keepin an eye on this guy ever since this crazy-ass mix, We Are Experiencing Turbulence (Insurrectionary Bass Music Sin Fronteras), which is pretty much what it sounds like – trans-national heavy bass music with a message. It’s not easy listening, but then, this is revolution music, in the tradition of Dead Prez, Rage, Marley, and Dylan. Cop the release at addictech.

Colony Collapse is filmed at sites of ecological friction, the fault lines of conflict between humanity and (the rest of) nature. For examples we used….

Lapindo (Sidoarjo) Mud Disaster is an eruption of scalding mud and flammable vapors triggered by a gas drilling gone awry. It has buried more than a dozen villages and blocked a major highway, and is expected to keep expanding for the next 25 years. Lapindo is located close to the home town of the the director (Tooliq) and singer (Nova)…

Bantar Gebang is a landscape of trash. Garbage stretches farther than the eye can see. Mountains, rivers, and even villages where the trash-pickers live. Not something easy to summarize in words.

A supermarket nested in a mega-mall within a skyscraper. Air conditioning, shopping carts, muzak, just like any posh supermarket. But right outside is a the permanent traffic jam of Jakarta, a sprawling mega-city of at least 10 million.

Also of note, the Beats Antique remix throws extra glitches and strings into the mix, properly expanding upon the original vibe.


My boys Mad Zach (aka Count Spankula) and R2 the Specialist have been killing it for a minute now with their uniquely west-coast sound. This is one of the most mashing tracks from their new album, “Wolfspiders”, out now on Muti Music. It hit #1 on the addictech charts the week it was released, so you’ll be hearing this stuff out. Look for them making a SUPER SPECIAL SECRET east coast appearance this summer – I’ll keep you guys posted.

subeater! by R2thespecialist

Also, as a special bonus for you lucky devils, here’s a vid of R2 doin his thing, makin live ambidextrous analog whomp – SERIOUS SAVAGERY – NOT SUITABLE FOR YOUNG CHILDREN OR OLD PEOPLE

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