DJs You Should Be About: BARNEY ILLER

Barney Iller, aka Alex Ferguson, is an equal opportunity shit-destroyer

BIG BIG BIG UPS to our homeboy DJ Barney Iller for snagging a spot on the lineup at Mad Breaks Tea Party on friday the 19th. He’s spinning with some of the finest: Marty Party (1/2 of pAnTyRaId with Ooah of the Glitch Mob, you can google them yourself) and Do Lab resident Braden. Incidentally, Braden started the 16bit & Beyond (warning: loud autoplay) party in LA, which is hosting whomp-faves Sub Swara in Los Angeles on friday. Between that and Bay area faves EPROM + ESKMO at Dub War the same night, there’s some SERIOUS East Coast/West Coast bass science cross-pollination going on this weekend!

But I digress! This post iin’t about that, it’s about the man DJ BARNEY ILLER. First off, hit play on this mix, then keep reading:

Barney Iller – Barney Iller Don’t Give A Fuck mix  by  barneyiller

K, now that you’re startin to feel kinda wiggly, let’s get into it: Barney Iller has been makin peeps do dances they’ve never done before for many many years now as a resident at Rubulad (I think it’s so funny that there’s a Yelp page for a legendary underground party venue – since ’94, son!). My first Barney Iller experience was maybe 6 months ago, when a certain pink-haired friend of mine told me, to paraphrase,

“You know those amazing Baptazia videos? Well there’s a party just like that at Rubulad this week. Where everyone wears there Sunday Best and loses their shit to Drum N’ Bass.”

Turns out Barney Iller is the (a?) mastermind behind that. And it was pretty much a done deal from there on out. His mixes and remixes are all choice, eclectic, and his sense of humor only serves to reinforce his sense of how to make you dance like you’re feelin the holy spirit. Fuck a tweet, follow this dude on soundcloud! RIGHT NOW!

Barney will also be gracing the decks at Bass Fueled Mischief’s next event, METROPOLIS #2 at Love, tag teaming with 45 legend Shakey (founder of the almost 4 years old now Warper parties). This event totally deserves it’s own post, but for now, just know that it is an EARTHSHATTERING lineup of NYC faves:

Hellfire Machina (UK)
Joro Boro
Barney Iller and Shakey

ESSENTIAL PARTYING: Trouble & Bass ft. Kanji Kinetic + DZ

T&B 3 year anniversary party with Skream & Benga. Photos by

DZ said it best: “Dubstep is Boring“. That’s why Trouble & Bass is so damn amazing. While every other party promoter seems to be hopping on the dubstep bandwagon (that’s been in a ditch for a few years now*), Trouble & Bass is creating their own genre of much more exciting party music. For 3+ years now, the T&B crew (AC Slater, Star Eyes, Drop the Lime, and The Captain) have been obliterating dancefloors across NYC and beyond with their signature Brooklyn Bass. They always make a point that these aren’t club nights, they’re parties – and not just any parties. Consistently, more than any other entity that throws em, they throw the best damn parties in New York City. Everyone who comes out is sexy, dressed fresh to death, and dancin like a motherfucker. 

Their special guest this week is DZ (who gets plenty of press) and the criminally slept-on  Kanji Kinetic, who (much like Chrissy Murderbot or the post-deserving Squire of Gothos) is pioneering some serious speed wobble – like happy hardcore on downers or if a rave got twisted through a moebius strip; it’s 140-150 BPMs of neck-breakin, lose-your-shit relentlessness. This is workout music – get ready to sweat on Saturday! 

Kanji Kinetic – Mix for ScenexScience
Kanji Kinetic – (free random tracks, bootlegs, remixes)
Trouble & Bass – Smashcast #2 ft. Kanji Kinetic (itunes podcast)
DZ – For Love RMX (youtube)

Oh yeah, and it’s at Santos Party House, which is the only other club sound system on par with Love’s. Seeing Joker there was the first time I’d been in the downstairs when they turned it ALL THE WAY UP. It was bone-jelllifying

Saturday, 2/20 at Santos Party House (map)

$7 adv/$10 day of
*for the record, I ain’t hating on dubstep – lord knows how many times I’ve lost my shit to Eastern Jam, Caspa, Rusko, etc…but I’m definitely hating on everyone who promotes a party and plasters their flyer/event listing with the word “dubstep” (invariably in all-caps) as though it’s some magic salve that will transform their trendy culture-grab into a halcyon blasty blast of a good time. Just because you’re not funded by a corporation doesn’t mean you aren’t engaging in cultural appropriation. Your whackness is seen, and noted. 


sickass art that came with the EPROM ’09 mix

THIS FRIDAY: Eprom and Eskmo are supporting Shackleton at DUB WAR, the original NYC bass party. Eskmo we’ve talked about already. It’s EPROM you need to know about. His “Enter The Psyphy” mix, even before Jantsens polyponymous “whomptronica”, was a turning point in my life, musically speaking. It’s what put me on to the whole west coast glitch-hop sound in early ’07.
ESKMO’s new productions trade bwomp for remorselessly bitcrushed granularized bassline crunk – his snares sound like a bowl of capn crunch, dr. pepper and pop rocks gettin nommed by a decepticon. It’s dark and nasty and raw stuff, but also kinda has this saturday morning cartoon adventure vibe. 
And now Dub War is back at Love, after a 3 month hiatus and something I heard about a renovation; if you’ve never been, Love is a magical and literally underground club with a midsized wood dancefloor and a soundsystem that will rip your fucking face off. The walls made entirely of subs. I always make a point when I’m there to crouch in a corner and take a “bass bath” – it’s basically vibrating every molecule in your body on intensely pleasurable frequencies. I heard the fraggle rock area is for sale, too, which I guess means that they took out that deliciously slutty 2 level cave-couch leather and fur playpen room where you could watch projections on a waterfall between you and the bar.   
EPROM – 2009 Mix 
EPROM – Enter The Psyphy Mix
Friday, 2/19 at Love (map)

Ruckus Roboticus and Stevie Wonder meets Dubstep

Ruckus Roboticus – R.U.C.K. in the U.K. MIX
Just dropped 3 days ago, Ruckus Roboticus once again proves why he is one of my favorite party DJs, like, EVAR. Don’t listen to this anywhere you’d be embarrassed to rip your pants from goin’ all the way to the floor whilst dancing. 
and also …

Beardyman – Stevie Wonder meets Dubstep
Vocal whomptronica. Just watch it. 

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