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Jon Hopkins at Cameo is sold out, win tickets on fb

We’re big fans of Jon Hopkins round these parts, ever since we saw him steal the show opening for Prefuse73 at LPR in 2009. He’s quite simply one of the best controllerism perfomers out there. So we’re stoked to see his show saturday at cameo is SOLD OUT; however I’m sure some of you are

OM Unit – Sleepwalkers EP

Holy fuck, these new Om Unit tunes! If Bill Laswell was still doing the Oscillations series in 2013, it would sound like this. Raw, hybrid 160 music. I love the way he uses spaciousness within these tracks to highlight the throwback DnB synths, flange effects and all the little percussive flairs. Nobody does it like Om.

Forthcoming Metalheadz.

WOMPLIST 57: #KUNQ, Floating Points & Falty DL, Dez Andres, Moldy & eshOne Hyetal, Subverse, DJ Funeral

illustration by Justin Lawrence Devine FRIDAY, AUGUST 9 Floating Points and Falty DL All Night at Output, Hunee and Jacques Renault in The Panther Room [10PM/$15-20] Floating Points and Falty DL both take club music to spacious, atmospheric, experimental places without sacrificing groove. On the epic Output system, that’s gonna be a journey you’ll want

WOMPLIST 56: Elan/Obey City/Jubilee, Pantyraid, Jackmaster, Full Service & Tiki Disco at the Beach, Lit City x Qween Beat, SCI FI & Fantasy Release Party

photo by bencurious FRIDAY, AUGUST 2 ☆☆ ASTRO NAUTICO: Obey CIty (EP Release), Elan (Monkeytown ✈ LA), Jubilee, The Range, Paul Jones, Michael Jukeson, Tsunami Bass Sound at Freecandy [10PM/$5-10] Obey City has been blowin up like we thought he would; his Champagne Sounds EP is coming out on Lucky Me next week, he’s become a

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