TONS of free tunes from Streetlab!

One of the really standout artists I found this year was Streetlab. Based just down the road from us in Brooklyn, these two gents have been cranking out remixes that absolutely knock my socks off.

And today they announced via facebook that THEY ARE GIVING AWAY EVERY TRACK & REMIX THEY PRODUCED THIS YEAR. Click on that bigass link to get em! These are two prolific dudes – something like 20 remixes and another half dozen originals. And they all slay. In particular, I want to listen to that Hall & Oates remix all the goddamn time.

Their style really reminds me of The Philip Steir remix of “Magic Carpet Ride” from the GO soundtrack (anyone else play that one till your discman broke?) – they preserve the vibe of the original track while amping it up with modern production… par example, peep their most excellent remix of Gimme Shelter below:

The Rolling Stones – Gimme Shelter (streetlab mix)  by  Streetlab

So what are you waiting for?! Go cop the rest of these fantastic tracks!

Streetlab – 2009 Roundup

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