Everyone’s favorite expat beat-gourmet, Kutmah just upped his excellent all-Dabrye mix. Best way to introduce this is to quote the comment Shigeto left at 0:00:


When a certified star of the current beat scene is giving you props in all caps, that says a lot right there. Of course Zach Saginaw would have the proper reverence for Dabrye – he’s followed in his footsteps in a lotta ways; they’re both from the Detroit area, both on Ghostly International, both purveyors of richly textural instrumental hip-hop. But I digress. The comment is indicative of the status Dabrye enjoys amongst beat-heads, which is demi-godlike. He was a pioneer of next-level instrumental hip-hop beats in the first few years of the 2000s, laying the groundwork for the lush worldwide beat scene we enjoy today.

Simultaneously more raw and more subtle than anything else going on at the time (hell, or since), Dabrye’s minimalism, unique and detailled palette and hypnotic swing instantly sets his work apart. His beats worked with minimal percussion and sub-bass in a way that eerily forecasted early dubstep. While guys like Shadow and Prefuse73 deconstructed boom-bap, Dabrye went inside boom-bap and reconstructed it from futuristic materials. Bottom line: if you make beats, or enjoy beats, this is essential listening.

If you want to really get the full picture, listen to One/Three and Instrmntl all the way through on good headphones. Then remind yourself that they came out in 2001 and 2002, respectively. I know, I know. It only gets more unbelievable with repeat listens. If you REALLY want to go deep, check out Fact Mag’s fantastic 10 page feature, The Essential Dabrye. And if yr in London, go see em all Thursday at Basing House: Kutmah, Dabrye, as well as Patchwork Pirates, Darkhouse Fam, and Widows (featuring Jams F. Kennedy, the best rapper alive).

Astral Projection by Minnesota stardust relax may 19 2012 bandcamp free DL

Minnesota – Astral Projection – FREE DL

Santa Cruzian Minnesota has blessed the internets with Astral Projection, a FREE 3-track EP. Get it at his bandcamp, and throw him a few bucks while you’re at it. All three tunes lean heavily towards the melodic side but it’s the one titled Stardust one that really gets me, hence the embedding below. Minnesota is

Headshotboyz – Heartbaked EP

Heartbaked EP by headshotboyz

dunes promo mixcloud thursday may 17th with jillionaire and dre skull at the cove OTSNY brooklyn broke city

Dunes Guestmix for OnTheSly

Dunes brings us 53 minutes of magnificently funked-up house and bass music. He’s the local guest for this month’s OnTheSly (with Jillionaire and Dre Skull) and accordingly has done guestmix duties for the second installment of OnTheSly’s mix series. Dunes caught my eye via his association with Sleepyhead and their bi-monthly Broke City party at The Cove (1st and 3rd

Chillax Mix Roundup – Thriftworks, Soul Motive, Kelpe, Tanaka

Thriftworks – Live at The Den 4/21 Call it bog-tech. Thriftworks, aka J.Atlas, has a unique sound that combines melancholy beats, moody textures, dismebodied vocals, and exceedingly spooky soundscapes into a soupy, heady mix. If Swamp Thing was a DJ, it would probably sound like this; simultaneously futuristic and organic. Fans of Eskmo or Amon

Ana Sia 2012 Mix Series

Ana Sia is goin hard in 2012. She’s just relaunched her website, is helming Frite Nite (putting out tracks by Lazer Sword, Salva, NastyNasty, Distal, Grenier, B.Bravo, EPROM and more) and has just completed a very exciting 4 part mix series. The first mix, Sparkly Eyes Technique, is a bold and (to me) unexpected move

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