Chillax Mix Roundup – Thriftworks, Soul Motive, Kelpe, Tanaka

Thriftworks – Live at The Den 4/21

Call it bog-tech. Thriftworks, aka J.Atlas, has a unique sound that combines melancholy beats, moody textures, dismebodied vocals, and exceedingly spooky soundscapes into a soupy, heady mix. If Swamp Thing was a DJ, it would probably sound like this; simultaneously futuristic and organic. Fans of Eskmo or Amon Tobin will find lots to love.

Live at The Den – April 21, 2012 – Thriftworks by Thedensf on Mixcloud

Thriftworks – Unreleased
Thriftworks – Swamp Gods
B. Lewis – Unreleased
Balam Acab – Apart
Thriftworks – Unreleased
Insightful – Unreleased
Lapalux – Time Spike Jamz
Thriftworks – Soul Of The Cricket
Grouper – Hold The Way (Thrifted)
Lofi Collective – Observations (Thrifted)
Thriftworks – As The Crow Flies
Thriftworks – Zenzero
Thriftworks – Your All
Thriftworks X Russ Liquid – Unreleased
Thriftworks – 87 Dropper
Thriftworks – Pillow In The Woods
Insightful – Milk And Almonds
Thriftworks – Goat Ropes
Thriftworks – Wang Roll
Insightful – Lama With A Scarf On
Thriftworks – Thizza Thizza
Thriftworks – Trotter
Thriftworks – Out Tongue

Soul Motive Records Showcase

Joker – Snake Eater (Soul Motive 001)
??? – Jump (Soul Motive White 001)
Julio Bashmore – Around (Soul Motive 007)
Eleven Tigers – Made of (Soul Motive 008)
Kahn – Angeles *Superisk Remix* (Soul Motive White 002)
Eleven Tigers – Stableface *Dark Sky Remix* (Soul Motive 010Pt2)
Coleco – Find Me feat. Victoria Klewin (Soul Motive 011)
??? – Secrets (Soul Motive White 001)
Isola Dusk – Look of Shame (2 Floors Down 002)
Eleven Tigers – Stableface *Peverelist Remix* (Soul Motive 010Pt1)
Coleco – Hypnogogia (Soul Motive 011)
Eleven Tigers – Songs For You (Soul Motive 008)
Isola Dusk – Waiting For You (2 Floors Down 002)
7 Arrows – Emergence (2 Floors Down 003)
Eleven Tigers – Forever (Soul Motive 008)
Eleven Tigers – Stableface *Macc Remix* (Soul Motive 010Pt2)

Kelpe – Sonic Router Mix #128

Romare – Down The Line
1000names – Water Resistant Rakete
Rechenzentrum – Norden
Coco Bryce – Dub Space
Blank & Kytt – Thursday & Snow (Reprise)
Huess – Splash Pamela
Onra – Hide And Seek
Kelpe – I Felt Fuzzy
Mr Beatnick – Rainbow Road
BNJMN – Black Square
Samoyed – A Small Good Thing
Fulgeance – Hiver Normand
Roj – The Process Revealed
Naive Machine – Back to Basics
Mono/Poly – Glow
Blank & Kytt – Jangle
Ital Tek – Up
Teebs & Jackhigh – Tropics
Hauschka – Schones Madchen

Tenaka – Collected

Tenaka – Collected / tracklist
side a – falling in
a. overhead the albatross – think, thank, thunk (tenaka remix)
b. tenaka – open out (feat. the holy roman army)
c. tenaka – Home (feat. daithi and elaine mai)
d. tenaka – falling in (feat. nadir & declan de barra)
d. tenaka – imes

side b – everytime is different
e. le galaxie – Orion (Tenaka Remix)
f. tenaka – everytime is different
g. tenaka – everything else (feat. daithi & musea)
h. miss elayneous – dominoes (tenaka remix)
i. tenaka – i know (feat. nadir)
j. tenaka – eroica

side c – waves
k. tenaka – three
l. tenaka – waves
m. julie feeney – aching (tenaka remix)
n. daithi – the dog (tenaka remix)
o. owensie – subtle connections (tenaka remix feat. nina hynes

side d – ride out
p. tenaka – throw sevens
q. tenaka – the alaskan (feat. sacred animals)
r. tenaka – universe i (feat. sorcha brennan)
s. tenaka – three (feat. colin j morris)
t. tenaka – ride out

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