tokimonsta killing it in NYC

Mix Roundup: Tinker, TOKiMONSTA and Miss Zora Jones

Welcome to the weekend, Wompers! This marks the first time I’ve done a second mix roundup in one week, but when there are this many quality jamz, you gotta go the extra mile. All three of the mixes featured in this post were done by incredibly talented DJs, all of whom happen to be female. I


Tonight! [11/17] On The Sly at LPR ft. Wheez-ie, Archie Pelago, more!

On The Sly is a new monthly happening in the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge. Put on by bassfaced and knomad, it’s “A dance party for those who appreciate fun loving music with soul and depth.” Both these cats can always be found at the best shows in NYC, so you better believe when they

Mix Roundup: Tipper, Pressha, Sub Swara, Mungo’s HiFi

Thanksgiving must have come early in the WOMPiverse, because there is a mf’n CORNUCOPIA of hot mixes this week. First off we have the wobble-don himelf, TIPPER, with his 2011 Promo Mix. Nobody can really fuck with Tipper – he’s been doing his own thing since before anyone ever heard of dubstep, and continues to

Anstam's LP Dispel Dances, out now on 50Weapons

ANSTAM. Holy Fucking Shit, Anstam.

If there’s one name that’s been knocking my socks off this week, it’s Anstam. If you like King Cannibal, or Amon Tobin’s darker, more drum-n-bass flavored antics, you’ll flip your shit over Anstam. They’re a mysterious duo from Berlin, and have been putting out a few tracks a year since ’07. Modeselektor smartly snapped them up

Plastic Thumbs Mix Vol 7: Still Stoked

Mix Roundup – Audio1, Plastic Thumbs, Redrum

Got another boatload of dope mixes for you! No messin about this week – First off, DJ Audio1 came through with MURDA IN AMERICA, one of the most breakneck, reckless, and fucking fun-as-hell DnB mixes I’ve heard in a hot minute. If you’re not familiar, Audio1 is one of the hardest working DJs on any

Pipe Dream EP by EPROM, released April 30, 2011 by Rwina Records

Fresh heat from EPROM

Original digital badman EPROM has been dropping some fresh dubs on his soundcloud this past week and you better believe he’s bringing back that trademark robo-nightmare sound. Alias, which showed up on soundcloud today, conjures up a merciless, apocalyptic alien invasion force – behold, and tremble, earthlings! [soundcloud url=”″] Coming out on Rwina Records 2012. Pipe

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