Fresh heat from EPROM

Pipe Dream EP by EPROM, released April 30, 2011 by Rwina Records

Original digital badman EPROM has been dropping some fresh dubs on his soundcloud this past week and you better believe he’s bringing back that trademark robo-nightmare sound.

Alias, which showed up on soundcloud today, conjures up a merciless, apocalyptic alien invasion force – behold, and tremble, earthlings! [soundcloud url=”″] Coming out on Rwina Records 2012.

Pipe Dream is actually from an EP of the same name which came out this past May, but I was so caught up in the bit-crushed harpsichord funk of The Symbiote (track 3), that I kinda glazed over the title track. Glad he brought it back to my attention![soundcloud url=”″]

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