Tonight! [11/17] On The Sly at LPR ft. Wheez-ie, Archie Pelago, more!


On The Sly is a new monthly happening in the Gallery at Le Poisson Rouge. Put on by bassfaced and knomad, it’s “A dance party for those who appreciate fun loving music with soul and depth.” Both these cats can always be found at the best shows in NYC, so you better believe when they put something together, it’s gonna have all the right components: killer lineup, great venue/sound, and a fantastic crowd.

If you can make it out on a Thursday, it’s a guaranteed win. Wheez-ie is definitely the new hot juke shit – I know this is true not only because his tunes are the shit but also because Hirshi, passionoftheweiss, and my housemate aaron all were playing it out last week, and the recommendation of those dudes is virtually a guarantee. [soundcloud url=”″]

Also not to be slept on, Archie Pelago are doing some very, very nice things with dubstep, live cello and horns – if you don’t believe me, hit play on their new EP sampler mix: [soundcloud url=”″] And if that whets yr whistle, then luxuriate in their live se here.

More importantly, in the words of the event description  ” WE WORK HARD TO MAKE THIS CHEAP FOR YOU! Party like a Friday without cutting deep into that rent money. on the sly ; it’s a word of mouth thing”.


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