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First thing in my ears this morning is a leak of the new Chali 2na single Feat. RUSKO! My favorite mc from middle school doing a track with the King of Brostep? It doesn’t disappoint folks – 2na rides the beat with dexterity, and Rusko brings the wobble, but tones down the chainsaw noises to keep things head noddin, not neck snapping. A surprisingly tempered affair, and a good sign of things to come – not just from 2na’s album, but also intelligent, well matched collabs between dubstep producers and emcees.

Check it over at DJ Cable’s blawg< (your resident authority on the intersection of hiphop/dubstep), or just go str8 for the download link.

Hot Toddies in Audio Format!

Some freshness for ya face:

Hot off the podpresses, Subswara’s third podcast in as many months! This used to be one of those every 4-5 months podcasts, so I’m really glad they’ve been picking up the pace. I really can’t stop saying good things about Sub Swara until I see every one of you at their shows (and they’ve been hinting at the next Sub City Sessions – the last one was epic).

Featuring superfresh unreleased exclusives from DZ, Benga, Dev79 remixing Erykah Badu, LD remix of Mungo’s Hi-Fi, and a spanking new track from Sharmaji and Juakali of Sub Swara.

You’ve Got the Love (The xx Remix)

couldn’t find the original story, but this song was one music bloggers entire year-end list, eloquently stating that (and I’m paraphrasing here, sorry) while it might not be the most facemeltinglyskullcrushing blah blah whatever, it does exactly what all good music should do, “get you laid”!

ft. Art by Flying Lotus…. really nothing more to say here that the title doesn’t already. These two names are synonymous with awesome in my book.

This kid is 19? Jesus, he was a freshman when I was a senior! And he’s totally killin it on chilled-synth-wonk-wobble-nu-illbient juicebox beats for introspective kids who spent a lot of time watching cartoons with spaceships and robots and staring out car windows. I mean, seriously, he drops a track by Low Limit (of Lazer Sword) called “Trapperkeeper”! 80s babies ftw.

Oh and for the record, Schlohmo is not, afaik, the UK Beatboxer Shlomo as some others have asserted.

DJ Cable vs Murdertronics

Both Cable and Murdertronics dropped Christmas-themed mixes this week (tho Cable’s was from last year) and both feature quite a few of the same tracks. Who killed it harder?? Both have their merits but I’d be interested to hear what y’all think…

Link to Cable’s Mix and post about it.

Murdertronics Christmas featuring MegaBone Mix 01  by  Murdertronics

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