MartyParty BwompBeats Mixtape vol 11

Mix Roundup – iamyank, Bassnectar, MartyParty, Sully

LOTS of quality mixes dropped this week – let’s get into the jammzzz: Budapest’s iamyank dropped the third in his mix series, Bassclectic. The first two parts were instant classics – full of gritty, stompy, tasty glitch-hop. This one is another fine example of his excellent selection and mixing skills – plenty of super womped-out

MiM0SA’s September 2011 Mix

BIIIIIIG New mix from Tigran MiM0SA, a true master of glitch-hop production. From the first drop at 1:23 (a sped-up “far nearer” with some trademark MiM0SA percussion), this is required listening.

[soundcloud url=”″]

Also don’t miss MiM0SA headlining Girls & Boys at Webster Hall in NYC (with Wompblog favorite Mustard Pimp!) on Friday, November 11th.

Mim0sa at Webster Hall, NYC

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