OUTLOOK OUTLOOK: Looking forward to the world’s best bass music festival

outlook festival 2015 sept 2-6 fort punta christo croatia

Beach Parties! Sunshine! Vibes! FUCK YEAH OUTLOOK.

10 days to go until Outlook Festival 2015 properly kicks off, and we’re stupid excited. It’s the Mecca of soundsystem culture, and it’s been almost 3 years since we last made the pilgrimage.  But we’ve been plotting our return the whole time. Since we can’t start packing quite yet, here’s what we’re really looking forward to the most.


void acoustics outside the fort outlook 2015 fort punta christo croatia

One of the mid-sized soundsystems at Outlook. Photo by Void Acoustics.

They’re the heart and soul of Outlook, and what really distinguishes it from other music festivals. Every stage has a world class rig that would blow away nearly anything you’ve heard in NYC (except Tsunami Bass, they could hang). Some of the smaller systems there (not pictured above) are roughly equivalent to the main room at Output. No matter where you go there, you’ll be getting that fully submerged, body/mind/soul bass experience.

Boat Parties

outlook festival 2015 boat parties

Photo by yours truly

Duh. Definitely the best way to see an artist I love. You’re in a super intimate venue with the Adriatic sun and sea as backdrop. Once you leave dock, there’s no turning back (and definitely no swimming ashore!) so the whole crowd is 100% committed. Oh and the boat soundsystems? They don’t skimp. Here’s the full arsenal this year (to be split between 3 boats):

Electrikal Sound System outlook 2015 boat party

Photo by Electrikal Sound

Catch us on the 20/20 Boat Thursday (Ivy Lab, Fracture, Jon Phonics), Archetype Boat on Friday with Amy Becker, NYC’s own Doctor Jeep (!!!), The Heatwave and Benton, and of course the Deep Medi Boat on Saturday.

The Moat

outlook festival moat stage renegade hardware 20 tectonic 10 swamp 81

photo by Polona Kumelj

There’s a lot to be said for the whole castle setting of Outlook, but that’s another post. This is probably my favorite venue in the world. First, it is in fact a moat; a massive trench dug 30+ feet into the earth, reinforced with sloping stone walls. Here’s a clear picture of it in the daytime. But fill it with ravers, a lethal soundsystem and lights, and it becomes an apocalyptic wind tunnel of bass. It’s like something out of a sci fi fever dream.

The Moat is hosting some of the more hardcore-leaning sounds of the festival – Renegade Hardware, Tectonic, Swamp81 and Critical Sound. Personally, we’ll be in there for the Tectonic takeover most of Saturday night.

Rare UK Artists

outlook festival dmz mala coki pokes rare uk artists

photo by Dan Medhurst

One of the biggest draws for us as American citizens – finally getting to see all the amazing artists we’ve been listening to but somehow never get to New York! Even better, it’s with a crowd that knows and loves the music.






The Bug

Full DMZ voltron (Mala, Coki, Pokes and Loe)

Culture Bomb

Outlook festival 2015 roots culture

photo by Zoe Lower

Finally, the thing that’s the most wonderful, but also the hardest to describe about Outlook is getting immersed in sound system culture. Out there, you can traverse the entire hardcore continuum in one night; going from roots dub to dubstep to 2 step to grime to jungle to halftime to hip hop. Hearing sleng teng 100 different ways and the amen break 1000. Finally seeing artists that you’ve only ever heard sampled – like the last time we were there, hearing Max Romeo actually Chasing the Devil to outer space

If you’re passionate about this music, then on some level you recognize that it’s part of a something larger – a fabric of history, culture and struggle that is still being created. That can be a tricky thing to articulate, but at Outlook you feel it. And that is truly a beautiful thing. 

Trying to pick a few favorite Kahn tracks is impossible, so here’s a bunch

PS go see him melt minds tonight at Deep Space – adv tix are just $10 all day or $20 at the door. Just imagine these tunes on Cielo’s Funktion-1s and tell me that’s not worth $10.

Go check out our feature for more info on tonight’s festivities (ticket contest is over btw). Nuff chat, on with the tunes »

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paul johnson chicago thump input anthony naples free magic star eyes output

Thump presents Paul Johnson at Output Thursday, here’s a quick primer from TURRBOTAX’s Space Jam

So Thump is doing nights a FREE night at Output which is pretty cool I guess? Honestly you had me at Star Eyes (of Trouble & Bass) and Free Magic (of Discovery). But the headliner, Paul Johnson is a legend of Chicago house, or so says his bio. But then again according to Star Eyes’s bio

Free DL: Chu – New Dae (Lakim Remix)

I got familiar with Lakim’s beats via his appearance this past friday alongside Doctor Jeep, DJ Hoodboi and Arnold at Planet Cognac’s show. Following him on soundcloud was a no-brainer, and my good taste was immediately rewarded when he posted this super-funky, stripped down house remix. That organ riff has been stuck in my head for 2 days so I figure I better post it. Even his dj drop is great. You can also grab a free download of this over at bandcamp. Looking forward to hearing a lot more from this guy, and hopefully he’ll be back in NYC soon.

tessela hackney parrot special request vip alex smoke dust remix djrum turiya second drop

Tessela-ted Beats: Hackney Parrot VIP, Dust Remix, & a 2nd Drop Classic

One of summer’s biggest tunes, Tessela’s Hackney Parrot, gets a VIP rework by Paul Woolford (as Special Request). It retains all the breaky goodness of the original, but has a bit more fun drawing out the key samples into a 7 minute tantric drum break workout. Radio rip from Benji B (the cheeky bit about

OM Unit – Sleepwalkers EP

Holy fuck, these new Om Unit tunes! If Bill Laswell was still doing the Oscillations series in 2013, it would sound like this. Raw, hybrid 160 music. I love the way he uses spaciousness within these tracks to highlight the throwback DnB synths, flange effects and all the little percussive flairs. Nobody does it like Om.

Forthcoming Metalheadz.

Thank you Andres, thank you Turrbotax

Just wanna give a massive shout out to the fine folks at Turrbotax and Discovery for bringing out Andrés aka DJ Dez on Saturday. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a DJ that good. 2 tracks in, I realized I was putty in his hands. FLAWLESS mixing, inspired selections, perfect pacing, some exquisitely tasteful scratching, all in the pursuit of a higher groove. And oh boy did we find it. Walked out of there feeling just ELATED.

Anyway, I’ve had these jams on loop pretty much since I got home that night, reliving the glory. You know it was a good show when yr still basking in the glow 2 days later.

exclusive unreleased tracks by iTAL tEK, Arkist, Komonazmuk, Phaeleh, Radioactive Man, djrum, kahn, kowton, murderbot, machinedrum, swarms, ruckspin,

Electronic Explorations Compilation Previews now on Bandcamp

Rob Booth is winning at the game of culture. His long-running radio show, Electronic Explorations, has consistently foreshadowed the rise of dozens of underground artists, labels, and subgenres since its inception in ’07. Cited as an inspiration by Mary Anne Hobbs, Sonic Router, and gobs of other bass institutions, EE is more than just a

Heavy Bass Electro House Banger Dubstep little chronic sidewinder ac slater drop the lime racknruin

AC Slater – Sidewinder EP

Trouble & Bass doin what Trouble & Bass do best – balls out, ravejuice-soaked party jams. ‘Sidewinder’ is an explosively energetic peak-hour destroyer. Don’t call it big room though – it’s not at all commercial sounding, maintaining that T&B grit that we know and love. ‘Little Chronic’ is a bit more playful, tweaking out the

Sub Swara – You Don’t Know – free track from The Rudiment Mixtape

Sub Swara have returned! Not that anyone who knows the work of Dave Sharma and Dhruva Ganeson ever thought they left. They were most likely just off the map finding the finest Balinese cymbals, then recording them in an acoustically perfect Wampa ice-cave with custom-built tube pre-amps reverse engineered from martian sound weaponry, and then doing their final mixdowns it in an Ayahuasca ceremony atop  Mount Kilauea. Shit takes time to do right.

But soon, your patience will be rewarded. They’ve announced that they will be releasing 15 brand new tracks, not as an LP, but as a mixtape titled “The Rudiment”, dropping May 1st. Today they’ve given  us a taste with the Amy Winehouse-sampling track “You Don’t Know”. No easy feat, but they’ve matched the Lioness’s passionate vocals with galloping drums and a ferocious tearout synth-line. Cop the free download on soundcloud so you can really savor all that luscious reverb.

Fresh Heat from STAGGA

Stagga, of the venerable Chrome Kids, has just dropped some ferocious new tracks on his soundcloud. FITTEST OF THE FITTEST is a surefire combo of reverb-thickened reggae, a brilliant wobble and perfect percussive touches. My boo says it sounds like the beach at Outlook Festival and I concur. GRIMBOH is a drunken jammmm on a super-grindy bass sample, continuously re-spun and re-pitched to sloppy drums and etherial samples. Tearout for stoners. And the final track of his recent stuff (a collab with Monkey), GLASS BONG, is A hard hitting riddim with heady overtones. Tropical yet grimey. As if Ras G, Pixelord and Dusk n Blackdown hotboxed Dr. Dre’s studio. Hopefully some of these get a proper release, I’d buy em.

Boss Kite Comicon EP

Boss Kite – Comicon EP preview

Skwee’d-out Sunday afternoon space funk … for your sunday afternoon. From Boss Kite, aka the Rick James of Brighton. Donkey Pitch comin through big again. The second track is my favorite. I can practically hear Biz Markie relating a story over this beat. Out Feb 9 on ye olde Donky Pitch Bandcamp. This is the

Small sampler of some of the tracks from my forthcoming album 'Industrial Avenue' released on AfterGlo Records on Feb 27th

Akira Kiteshi – Industrial Avenue album sampler out 2/27 on AfterGlo

Absolutely MASSIVE new sounds from Akira Kiteshi. This lil album sampler minimix will blow you away, and get you excited for the 14 track LP dropping Feb 27th on AfterGlo Records (which so far has only put out stuff by Phaeleh). The album sounds fantastic, and refreshing in it’s scope. There’s plenty of crushing, Pinball-esque bangers (both stompy

glitch don Jay Wikid new soundcloud tracks the last night polly

New Jay Wikid Midtempo Glitch Tracks

Fresh heaters from west coast glitch wunderkid Jay Wikid. He’s dropped a half dozen new tracks on soundcloud in the last 2 days, but these are my picks. POLLY flips some eastern-european vocals into a funky, glitched out party jam, while The Last Night mines a late-80s sound palette for what sounds like Autobot love

MartyParty Releases Six Shots Of Jameson Hits stores January 30th 2012

New MartyParty brings the purpz + LP, US Tour info

Purple don MartyParty isn’t fuckin around. He just debuted the single from his upcoming LP, Six Shots of Jameson and no surprise, it’s incredible. Lushly layered minor chords weave over taught percussion and fierce sub bass, punctuated by skanky synth stabs and reverbed synth-horns. The drop is a riveting, spinetingling bass-gasm, but it’s also incredibly smooth

this kids is winning so hard at life

Avalanche Psychiatrist – Box Rocket remix

Ok so Ewan Hoozami is one of my favorite DJs of all time. I’ve listened to his insanely amazing It’s A Stickup! mix easily a hundred times since March of ’09, and like all great works of art it has continued to reveal new sides to it’s brilliance. Monsieur Hoozami has also been knocking out

David Rodigan and Toddla T on Red Bull Music Academy Radio

Love Like Water – Toddla T Remix

Fact: Toddla T is a fucking badman. One of the least pretentious, and most prolific gents in UK Bass, Toddla T’s productions are ruthlessly engineered to get your ass on the dancefloor. Witness how many times you (I) wiled out to Take It Back this summer. Fucking love that tchune. Anyway, fresh womps from the

album art from debut album 'Anything Could Happen' by Sduk out 9/1/12 Released by: Slit Jockey Records

Sduk previews new LP, “Anything Could Happen”

Synth-master general Sduk has been posting previews this week on Soundcloud from a the upcoming album, Anything Could Happen coming out January 9th on Slit Jockey. Preorder that shit here. Sduk put out one of my favorite EPs of 2011, YouNyt, especially this jam: TeeHee by Sduk Here’s my two favorites of the new stuff

album name SATURATED! VOL. 2 (STRTLP002)


Saturate Records is one of the guiding lights in the world of WompBlog, and at barely 1 year old, they’ve already developed quite a catalog. In April of 2011, they put out their first complilation, SATURATED! Vol 1, and I stumbled upon the promo mix. I was hooked on the sound instantly –  though at the time

Submotion Orchestra Finest Hour Remixes

The peerless Submotion Orchestra drop a remix EP on Monday, 12/19: Finest Hour – The Remixes. The full length, Finest Hour, would be a shoe-in for my year end top 10 list, if I were into that. The remix EP is packed to the gills at 9 tracks, with some of the most respected names in the

The Best Fucking Rap Video You’ll See, Ever

Breaking with the typical musicality of content here, because

1 –  This song has a really important message and that’s all too rare and
2- It’s a really excellent update of another song with a really important message.



[VIDEO] Marka – Dub Phizix & Skeptical Ft. Strategy

So this video has been absolutely blowing up, all over my feeds the last day or so – and with good reason! Not only does this tune have some SERIOUS bassweight (only watch @ 720p or above, w\ a decent system), but the video is positively transfixing.  Bigups everyone at Exit Records. Available for purchase 12/19.

Redlight Feat. Ms Dynamite - What You Talking About!? (Cryptex Reglitch)

What You Talkin About – Cryptex Remix

Still moist from the soundcloud, this is everything a glitchhop remix should be. With so many producers hopping on the neutered post-dubstep house/techno hybrid sound, it’s nice to see a producer return to their “crunk glitch roots”.  Which is funny, cuz the guy who made this, Cryptex, is supposedly only 17 years old. Can you

Pipe Dream EP by EPROM, released April 30, 2011 by Rwina Records

Fresh heat from EPROM

Original digital badman EPROM has been dropping some fresh dubs on his soundcloud this past week and you better believe he’s bringing back that trademark robo-nightmare sound. Alias, which showed up on soundcloud today, conjures up a merciless, apocalyptic alien invasion force – behold, and tremble, earthlings! [soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/27434768″] Coming out on Rwina Records 2012. Pipe

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