Akira Kiteshi – Industrial Avenue album sampler out 2/27 on AfterGlo

Small sampler of some of the tracks from my forthcoming album 'Industrial Avenue' released on AfterGlo Records on Feb 27th

Absolutely MASSIVE new sounds from Akira Kiteshi. This lil album sampler minimix will blow you away, and get you excited for the 14 track LP dropping Feb 27th on AfterGlo Records (which so far has only put out stuff by Phaeleh). The album sounds fantastic, and refreshing in it’s scope. There’s plenty of crushing, Pinball-esque bangers (both stompy midtempo and dubstep) but none sound like he’s just going over the same formula – each has a unique vibe. He dabbles in some lovely future bass/garage sounds with stellar results. There’s a pair of vocal tracks (like, the kind with lyrics and a chorus, “featuring” someone on the track name) which would normally be a dealbreaker for me but Kiteshi is just so damn good, he makes me like it anyway. My personal highlight is a track called “version” which has a classic dub sound. Regardless of genre, it displays his trademark ferocious energy, taught production and infectious musicality. Kiteshi is like a master painter – he uses different palettes to communicate a variety of atmospheres, but the sheer skill of his composition, and the clarity of his vision, gives him away every time.

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