Sduk previews new LP, “Anything Could Happen”

album art from debut album 'Anything Could Happen' by Sduk out 9/1/12 Released by: Slit Jockey Records

Synth-master general Sduk has been posting previews this week on Soundcloud from a the upcoming album, Anything Could Happen coming out January 9th on Slit Jockey. Preorder that shit here.

Sduk put out one of my favorite EPs of 2011, YouNyt, especially this jam: TeeHee by Sduk

Here’s my two favorites of the new stuff (there’s lots more on his soundcloud). The new album is definitely diving deeper into purple territory, and I ain’t mad about that. The opening track, Valid, sets off boldly in that direction with some very 80s synth-horns, and a massive, arm-hair raising drop.

Valid (Out 9/1/12) by Sduk

The other track I love is called, amusingly, Error. The mixture of a very fashionable r&B vocal sample, absolutely luscious strings, and a snare that slaps like whoa, is just tooo goood. Error (Out 9/1/12) by Sduk

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