AC Slater – Sidewinder EP

Heavy Bass Electro House Banger Dubstep little chronic sidewinder ac slater drop the lime racknruin

Trouble & Bass doin what Trouble & Bass do best – balls out, ravejuice-soaked party jams. ‘Sidewinder’ is an explosively energetic peak-hour destroyer. Don’t call it big room though – it’s not at all commercial sounding, maintaining that T&B grit that we know and love. ‘Little Chronic’ is a bit more playful, tweaking out the plaintive cries of Biggie Smalls over stabby ravepiano and gobs of hoover-synths.

Drop The Lime takes remix duties on Sidewinder and turns it into a dark, twangy halfstep banger, while RacknRuin swings the beat on Little Chronic over a rolling bassline for a more UK warehouse sound. Top notch work all around.

Drops May 8th! If you can’t get enought AC Slater, check out his live set from Trouble and Bass a few weeks back.

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