Avalanche Psychiatrist – Box Rocket remix

this kids is winning so hard at life

Ok so Ewan Hoozami is one of my favorite DJs of all time. I’ve listened to his insanely amazing It’s A Stickup! mix easily a hundred times since March of ’09, and like all great works of art it has continued to reveal new sides to it’s brilliance.

Monsieur Hoozami has also been knocking out some excellent ghetto funk productions as of late, in addition a litany of killer mashups, remixes and mixtapes.

He’s linked up with equally awesome dj/producer, Dave Remix and started a project called Box Rocket. It’s the two of them deconstructing “underground classics” and rejiggering them with some serious mid-tempo/glitch/ghettofunk style. For their inaugural track on soundcloud, they couldn’t have made a better selection than to remix the Avalanches Frontier Psychiatrist(!!!) and the results are fucking awesome. But, to quote one of my heros, “don’t take my word for it”
Box Rocket – Avalanche Psychiatrist (FREE DOWNLOAD) by Box Rocket

I could write a whole post just on the video to Frontier Psychiatrist, but instead I’ll just embed it here.

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