Tessela-ted Beats: Hackney Parrot VIP, Dust Remix, & a 2nd Drop Classic

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One of summer’s biggest tunes, Tessela’s Hackney Parrot, gets a VIP rework by Paul Woolford (as Special Request). It retains all the breaky goodness of the original, but has a bit more fun drawing out the key samples into a 7 minute tantric drum break workout. Radio rip from Benji B (the cheeky bit about moving the Fiesta is part of the tune). This comes out October 21st on Houndstooth, as a bonus track on Woolford’s Soul Music LP.

In more Tessela-related news, his incredible remix of Alex Smoke’s tune Dust is out today on R&S. Starts out sounding like an Amon Tobin homage, with noir sound design making way for a crackling breaks. But when the sinister, hissing kick and severely swung snare comes in, it’s clear that Tessela is at the controls.

Aaaaand a classic remix Tessela did for DjRum, out on Second Drop records last year. This is the one that put me on to Tessela in the first place – emotional junglist biz.

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