VIDEO: Stephan Jacobs Remixes Twin Peaks

So Womp-Fu grandmaster Stephan Jacobs remixed that song “Sycamore Trees”  from the finale of season 2 of Twin Peaks, and there’s a sick video that he also helped make. Check the full story over at where you can also download the full length track… oh yeah, and you can d/l the full track in exchange for you facebooktual affections over at .

If yr in NYC, COME SEE STEPHAN JACOBS LIVE when he’s here on March 9th, with the Polish Ambassador. Gonna be a hell of a show.

Metske/Metaphi Mix on Mary Anne Hobbs xfm

Glitchy, blippy midtempo minimix from Metske/Metaphi, courtesy of Mary Ann Hobbs. This guy’s outta Nottingham, with the Wigflex crew, but it sounds like something you’d hear at a west coast glitchhop forest rave. A tasty blend of crunchy basslines, pixellated rainbow synths, 8-bit melodys, scifi soundscapes and lush futurebass production. There’s even a track with some harmonica, for all you hippies.

Intergalactic Sweep by Captain Weedo

Intergalactic Sweep by Captain Weedo

Guys, I feel bad. I’ve been holding out on you. This mix has been on heavy heavy rotation in my headphones for like a month now, and I just have no excuse for not posting it. So here ya go. Fifty six minutes of the finest in space-hop, curated by Cpt. Weedo for Belgian beat

Small sampler of some of the tracks from my forthcoming album 'Industrial Avenue' released on AfterGlo Records on Feb 27th

Akira Kiteshi – Industrial Avenue album sampler out 2/27 on AfterGlo

Absolutely MASSIVE new sounds from Akira Kiteshi. This lil album sampler minimix will blow you away, and get you excited for the 14 track LP dropping Feb 27th on AfterGlo Records (which so far has only put out stuff by Phaeleh). The album sounds fantastic, and refreshing in it’s scope. There’s plenty of crushing, Pinball-esque bangers (both stompy

glitch don Jay Wikid new soundcloud tracks the last night polly

New Jay Wikid Midtempo Glitch Tracks

Fresh heaters from west coast glitch wunderkid Jay Wikid. He’s dropped a half dozen new tracks on soundcloud in the last 2 days, but these are my picks. POLLY flips some eastern-european vocals into a funky, glitched out party jam, while The Last Night mines a late-80s sound palette for what sounds like Autobot love

mixtape artwork MORAL PANIC! JANUARY 2012 STUDIO MIX

Tom Encore creates a Moral Panic! [JAN 2012 STUDIO MIX] free d/l!

Doc Krank has never lead me astray before. This time, it’s a mix from Tom Encore, and it’s a class-A facemelter. An ambitious tracklist, some might even say eyebrow-raising, but oh boy does it deliver. The tempo is all over the place, and it pulls from an impressive spectrum of party music. But the mixing

Album art for The Hold​-​On Tight​:​Analogue Slices Of Love and Confusion by Yan Zombie

Yan Zombie – Analogue Slices of Love and Confusion now avail on Bandcamp

Wompblog homie Yan Zombie just dropped his LP, The Hold-On Tight:Analogue Slices Of Love and Confusion on Bandcamp yesterday, pay-what-you-want style. Fans of Leonard Dstroy, Kid Koala and Mixmaster Mike should definitely give this a whirl. We covered Yan’s prolific output last week, but this release deserves it’s own collection of words. I’ve been listening

this kids is winning so hard at life

Avalanche Psychiatrist – Box Rocket remix

Ok so Ewan Hoozami is one of my favorite DJs of all time. I’ve listened to his insanely amazing It’s A Stickup! mix easily a hundred times since March of ’09, and like all great works of art it has continued to reveal new sides to it’s brilliance. Monsieur Hoozami has also been knocking out

Redlight Feat. Ms Dynamite - What You Talking About!? (Cryptex Reglitch)

What You Talkin About – Cryptex Remix

Still moist from the soundcloud, this is everything a glitchhop remix should be. With so many producers hopping on the neutered post-dubstep house/techno hybrid sound, it’s nice to see a producer return to their “crunk glitch roots”.  Which is funny, cuz the guy who made this, Cryptex, is supposedly only 17 years old. Can you

Pipe Dream EP by EPROM, released April 30, 2011 by Rwina Records

Fresh heat from EPROM

Original digital badman EPROM has been dropping some fresh dubs on his soundcloud this past week and you better believe he’s bringing back that trademark robo-nightmare sound. Alias, which showed up on soundcloud today, conjures up a merciless, apocalyptic alien invasion force – behold, and tremble, earthlings! [soundcloud url=”″] Coming out on Rwina Records 2012. Pipe

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