WOMPLIST 79: Channel One, Starkey, Turrbotax, Stanton Warriors, Que Bajo, Justin Martin, Dunes, Tony Quattro & Subset

WOMPLIST 79: Channel One, Starkey, Turrbotax, Stanton Warriors, Que Bajo, Justin Martin, Dunes, Tony Quattro & Subset

 Still from this great video of Channel One Soundsystem bringing the vibes. Catch them tonight at Dub-Stuy, details below.


The Roots of Soundsystem: Channel One Soundsystem (UK), Downbeat the Ruler, Deadly Dragon Sound, Dub Stuy Allstars at The Paper Box [9PM/$15-20]
From the promoters:
“Dub-Stuy Records and Deadly Dragon Sound are excited to present UK legend and 2010 RBMA Culture Clash winner Channel One Sound System for the second edition of The Roots of Sound System. This quarterly party brings together top-selectors and sound systems from around the world to showcase a specific style of Jamaican music on the most appropriate format: Dub-Stuy’s hand-crafted 15,000W speaker stack. This ‘Roots & Culture’ edition will focus on roots reggae and UK dub with each performer digging deep into their vaults, playing some of their most vital records and rare dubplates. In addition to Channel One, the lineup features New York’s own Tony Screw a.k.a. Downbeat the Ruler, host emcee Screechy Dan, and both Deadly Dragon and Dub-Stuy crew.”
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Vitamin B presents: Stanton Warriors plus Tektite, Barney Iller, Tim The Enchanter at SRB Brooklyn [10PM/$15-25]
It’s not an overstatement to say Stanton Warriors are gods of breaks. Pioneering the sound at the dawn of the 2000s and keeping it strong throughout the years, Vitamin B must be thrilled to have them back. The Warriors’ sets are notable for being packed with their own exclusive edits of classic tunes from other genres. Their skill in flipping underground house vocals, and classic hip hop samples and even pop riffs over breaks is truly unparalleled, creating a tension between familiarity and novelty that keeps dancefloors burning.
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QUE BAJO: Chief Boima, Uproot Andy & Geko Jones at TBA Brooklyn [10PM/$11]
Years moombahton became a thing, Que Bajo was pushing tropical bass sounds in basements all over NYC. Showcasing little-known electronic music from Latin America as well as creating fresh blends of traditional latin music and NYC club sounds, Que Bajo was arguably the first global bass club night. Still going strong and now incorporating worldwide sounds, the latest party flyer boasts “african house, azonto, kizomba, kuduro”. I’m not going to front like I’ve ever heard of the middle two, but african house has blown up in the UK over the last year. NYC as a whole hasn’t caught on, but as always, Uproot Andy and Geko Jones are way ahead of the curve.
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Justin Martin, Alex English, RekLES at Webster Hall [11PM/$15]
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REAL/TALK: Dunes, KLM, E.Feld, Juris at Cameo Gallery [10PM/$5wRSVP]
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TURRBOTAX: Blondes (live!), MGUN, Contakt, Space Jam, C-Sick, Rem Koolhaus, Mayster at Glasslands [11:30PM/$8-10]
While Turrbotax hasn’t had a regular interval since leaving The Cove (rip), the parties have, if anything, increased in quality as they hop venues. For the first Turrbotax of 2014, they’ve got a live performance from analog wunderkids Blondes and raw-as-fuck house and techno from MGUN. Blondes have been so ubiquitous in NYC that I honestly kinda slept on them until this year. No more! Hear their most recent LP, Swisher, on youtube, and their self titled on soundcloud. Their spacey, ecstatic dance music has a rare bodily quality that comes, I think, from their gear-centric production. It’s kinda like the spacey, dubby parts of disco went off and started their own diva-free colony.
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Bassment Saturdays: Starkey, Subset at Webster Hall [10PM/$10]
Where do you even begin with Starkey? He was the only American that Mary Anne Hobbs invited for her seminal Dubstep Wars radio special in 2008. His long-running sub.fm show introduced me to EPROM, amongst many, many other life-changing producers. But it’s his original production work is that is truly exquisite. Starkey executes releases on a conceptual level that few other producers can even fathom – his LPs, Ear Drums and Black Holes (2010, Planet Mu) and Orbits (2011, Civil Music) are bass music soundtracks for sci-fi epics (as are the EPs in between – Stars, Space Traitor vol 1 and 2, Open the Pod Bay Doors, and Command). Whether the beats are grime, dubstep, trap or just cinematic ambiance, Starkey’s sound is a stunning reminder of what bass music can be.
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Live For Live Music Spa Party: Tony Quattro, Subset, Poolboy92, Hiyawatha b2b Gizmo at Body By Brooklyn [9:30-2AM/$22]
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