Wompblog Weekend Forecast! The Bug, South London Ordnance, Matt Shadetek, Doc Daneeka,

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Hiatus Kaiyote at LPR [7:30PM/$10]
I don’t usually list bands here, but Hiatus Kaiyote is just SO GOOD. Hailing from Melbourne, they’re “future soul” which apparently means jazz chords, tasteful electronics, goosebump-inducing vocals – if you like love Bonobo or Little Dragon, you’re already sold. If you still need convincing, listen to their full album on bandcamp, read the glowing accolades from ?uestlove and Erykah Badu, and check their mini-set on Boiler Room. Then tell me you’re not in love.
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TURRBOTAX®: South London Ordnance, plus Contakt, Rem Koolhaus, C-Sick, Space Jam, Mayster at Cameo Gallery [11PM/$5wRSVP]
One of our favorite parties, Turrbotax, doing what they do best – hosting the first ever stateside appearance of an extremely talented young UK house producer. South London Ordnance rose to prominence in the last year with very little in the way of PR hype or industry connections, just a constant output of quality unreleased tracks on his soundcloud. In the last year by has released tunes on some of our absolute favorite boutique labels – 2nd Drop, Hotflush and Well Rounded Individuals. Click through for some of his tunes and mixes, as well as the first installment of the Turrbotax mix series by their tallest resident, C-Sick.
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CHANGE THE MOOD: Matt Shadetek (Album Release Party), DJ /rupture, Geko Jones, Chief Boima at Glasslands [11PM/$10]
Change the Mood is an event series by the Dutty Artz collective that “seeks to challenge club-going norms by explicitly connecting a hype party theme to its greater social context” Pretty refreshing to find a party with critical theory built into the aesthetic. This edition is also an album release party for label founder and beatmaker Matt Shadetek, with support from the whole Dutty Artz crew. His discography encompasses experimental hiphop, digital dancehall, grime and tropical riddims. It’s global bass in the least contrived sense (and not a bad metaphor for Shadetek’s hometown of NYC).
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KNXWLEDGE, Ohbliv, Time Wharp, Tuamie, KVZE at Living Bread Deli [9PM/$10]
One of the most prolific and creative boom-bap producers of our time, KNXWLEDGE is pretty much a god in the beat scene. Seriously, he’s got something like 40 releases on his bandcamp, so you can bet you’ll be hearing some deep cuts. Joined by an array of fearlessly experimental east-coast beatmakers, this is one for the heads.
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SO FUCKING FUTURE: The Sect, End.user, SilentKiller, Breaker, Your Move, SHVLFCE, Create Her at The National Underground [10PM/$10wRSVP]
An awesome lineup of young, hungry breakcore/noise/drumnbass/hard techno producers is a rare thing indeed. If you’re into hard, noisey, experimental vibes and excessive bpms, this is your shit.
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The Bug with Daddy Freddy & Miss Red, plus Jubilee, Fantasy Thrilla at Le Poisson Rouge [11PM/$12]
Kevin Martin’s work as The Bug should be instantly enjoyable to fans of early, DMZ-style dubstep, but isn’t nearly so easy to categorize. While his track “Skeng” is an early anthem of the genre, the album it’s from, London Zoo, is an expansive, dystopian fusion of dancehall, ragga, grime and heavy bass. This production style works just as well as late night headphone fare as it does backing a slew of legendary reggae vocalists (Warrior Queen, Tippa Irie, Daddy Freddy) – not to mention his “apocalyptic lovers’ rock” project, King Midas Sound. Supporting djs are pretty sweet too: Jubilee is a Mixpak resident, Radio Lily host and one of the hardest working DJs/twitter personalities in NYC, and FantasyThrilla, a local DJ/producer blending dancehall, ballroom and regional club sounds.
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Doc Daneeka, Doctor Jeep, Arca, M.E.S.H., Terekke at Ran Tea House [8PM/$12]
Doc Daneeka is a Welsh producer offerring an invigorating mix of UK Funky and syncopated, percussive house. You may have caught him in NYC before at Turrbotax or Trouble & Bass – if you haven’t, get ready to dance your ass off while grinning ear to ear the whole time. Doc brings some serious summertime vibes wherever he goes. Also on the bill, Boston producer Doctor Jeep, whose blend of footwork, partybass and sly humor always makes for an engaging set.
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BASSMENT SATURDAYS: ILL.GATES, Zeratone, Subset at Webster Hall Basement [11PM/$15]
Ill.Gates is an ableton production supergenius and master of the west coast glitch-hop/heavy bass sound. If you ever find yourself itching for Bassnectar’s older stuff without the high school crowd he now attracts, this will undoubtedly fix you for heavy wobbles and melodic brostep.
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