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Joker is BACK with Head Top EP, 2 collabs with Swindle and a Biggie flip

It’s been a long road for Joker. His initial run of incendiary singles (’07-’10) set up impossibly high expectations for a college-aged kid. After a disappointing 2011 debut album, mired by mediocre vocal tracks and overt commercial aspirations, Joker didn’t release anything for a year. When he finally did, it was a Sega-inspired chiptune mini-album

1. Devonwho - Strangebrew [All City] 2. Devonwho - Strangebrew ( B. Bravo Remix) [All City] 3. B. Bravo & Teeko - The Roll Out [Frite Nite] 4. Arp 101 - U [Eglo] 5. Koen - 992 [Soulection] 6. Salva & Grenier - Wake the Dead [Frite Nite] 7. French Fries - Vogue [Dirtybird] 8. Baxta - Skyline [Cheap Thrills] 9. Sinjin Hawke & Morris - One Kiss 10. Snoop Dogg - Wet [Capitol] 11. Jimmy Edgar - Switch Switch [Hotflush] 12. Ad Bourke - Rio South [Scenarioo] 13. Zed Bias - Fairplay ft. Jenna G [Tru Thoughts] 14. Jessie Ware - Running (Disclosure Remix) [PRM]

Future funk mix from B.Bravo

Brilliant future funk mix from B.Bravo, who we’ve posted here before. Starts with some mellow, syrupy synth funk before moving into some funk-inspired bass music, some sultry Snoop Dogg. Finishing with infectiously funky house from Jimmy Edgar, Zed Bias and Disclosure’s immaculate Jessie Ware remix. This whole mix positively drips with swagger. B.Bravo is a

Rook – Lucidity Fest 2012 Set

Rook represents, to me, the absolute best of contemporary dubstep. While many have abandoned the term, terrified of being even remotely associated with such gauche, unsubtle music as “brostep”, Rook has fearlessly (and peerlessly) sculpted his own funk-oriented sound. We have here a recreation of his live set from The 2012 Lucidity Festival 2 weeks

Boss Kite Comicon EP

Boss Kite – Comicon EP preview

Skwee’d-out Sunday afternoon space funk … for your sunday afternoon. From Boss Kite, aka the Rick James of Brighton. Donkey Pitch comin through big again. The second track is my favorite. I can practically hear Biz Markie relating a story over this beat. Out Feb 9 on ye olde Donky Pitch Bandcamp. This is the

Intergalactic Sweep by Captain Weedo

Intergalactic Sweep by Captain Weedo

Guys, I feel bad. I’ve been holding out on you. This mix has been on heavy heavy rotation in my headphones for like a month now, and I just have no excuse for not posting it. So here ya go. Fifty six minutes of the finest in space-hop, curated by Cpt. Weedo for Belgian beat

salvas future funk fader mix

Salva’s ridiculously funky mix for the Fader

Salva put together an absurdly tasty mix of contemporary funk of the electro/boogie variety. I’ve had it on repeat all weekend. Every track sounds like it should have come out in ’82. Feat. tracks from B.Bravo, D’Angelo + Mark Ronson, Oliver Daysoul, DâM-FunK, etc.   check the FADER post here and go see Salva tear it down

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