Rook – Lucidity Fest 2012 Set

Rook represents, to me, the absolute best of contemporary dubstep. While many have abandoned the term, terrified of being even remotely associated with such gauche, unsubtle music as “brostep”, Rook has fearlessly (and peerlessly) sculpted his own funk-oriented sound. We have here a recreation of his live set from The 2012 Lucidity Festival 2 weeks ago.

Whereas dubstep started out as music that emphasized space and feeling, in a post-Skrillex world it has become so busy, noisy and overwrought as to have completely lost any semblance of soul or musicality. Rook happily reverses this trend. Fusing the finest wobbles with funky breaks, plenty of “real” instrumentation, and a keen ear for melody, Rook has put the womp in its proper context; as a supporting element to the funk. Perhaps most importantly, it brings the FUN back into the mix.

If you get down with Koan Sound, Blunt Instrument or Love and Light, you’ll fucking love this mix. And if an hour just isn’t enought Rook for ya, then gorge your ears on 15 editions of his MOONBASS mix series.

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