WOMPLIST 83: Digital Mystikz, Stuck On Earth, Four Tet & Martyn, Contakt, Reinforced, Rinsed, Exmag & Skytree, XXYYXX, Tiki Disco & Soul Clap

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REINFORCED: Raw Q, Trigon, Valerie Molano, Tunafase at Leftfield [11PM/$5]
Serious bass music on a reinforced system, downstairs at Leftfield. Drum n bass, dubstep, jungle, and trap are all guaranteed, with an outside chance of grime. Just $5 to catch some of NYC’s hardest working heavy bass DJs.
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Soul Clap all night, Tiki Disco in the Panther Room at Output [10PM/$20]
Two of NYC’s most renowned DJ collectives take over the two rooms of Output for the duration of the evening. Soul Clap will be in the main room with euphoric house, and the Tiki Disco dudes will keep the Panther Room burning with their ecstatic disco selections.
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CHILL Benefit: XXYYXX, Giraffage, Purple at NYU E&L Auditorium 4th Floor [7PM/$7]
R-n-Bass is a stupid genre name, but it does a good job of summing up the aesthetic of this show. XXYYXX, Giraffage and newcomer Purple all make blunted beats steeped in 90s nostalgia for Aaliyah, Alicia and Destiny’s Child. A benefit for CHILL, an organization that “provides opportunities for at-risk youth to build self-esteem and life skills through board sports”. Tickets are available to the general public at NYU Ticket Central, 566 Laguardia Place.
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STUCK ON EARTH REUNION: Photek, Derrick Carter, Adam F, Doc Martin, Empress, Bad Boy Bill, Frankie Bones, Dave Schichman, Love & Logic, BP2 DJs at Sankeys [9PM-7AM/$25+]
Reunion for the epic 90s rave crew STUCK ON EARTH, celebrating 20 years of existence. A lot of parties boast “gods” of certain genres – this one has the entire goddamned pantheon. The main room of Sankeys will host the house deities  Derrick Carter, Frankie Bones, Bad Boy Bill and Doc Martin, while DnB demigods Photek, Adam F and Empress hold down room 2. 7 legendary headliners, 2 rooms, and 10 hours make this totally worth $40.
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Four Tet, Martyn (live!), Anthony Naples at Terminal 5 [9PM/$25]
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Glitterball: Pixelife, Contakt, Facets at The Graham [10PM/FREE]
Glitterball, a blog much like this one (but more focused on house and techno) started throwing parties this year. We’re pleased to see them pioneering a new venue like the Graham and also making their parties the ultimate in affordable. Turrbotax resident Contakt guests alongside Pixelife (who hits our sweetspot for oddball house and techno in this mix) and Facets.
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Exmag, Skytree, Esseks at Cameo Gallery [12AM/$10-15]
Exmag is a future funk/soul supergroup helmed by bisco fave Gramatik – if you’ve enjoyed the stuff we post by B.Bravo and Taku, then you’ll be into this. Yes, there are guitars, but there’s also synths a plenty and beats that slap. You can stream their full album on soundcloud (but you have to be wearing sunglasses… trust me) and we also highly recommend their extremely sexy, super-funky Valentines mix. Psychadelic, glitchy beats from Skytree and Esseks will warm things up.
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RINSED x Vase Club: Jacques Greene, Morgan Geist, Dan Wender & Blacky II at secret location [11PM-6AM/$25]
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SPLICE: Globular Cluster, Chris Ianuzzi, Morgan Freeman, DJ Shakey (live!), Maxx Klaxon at Solas 232 E 9th St [8PM-1AM/FREE]
Experimental, live electronica by Warper party alums, including organizer DJ Shakey, who will be debuting her totally amazing/absurd, custom built VOLTAXE controller (you basically have to click that link if you like controllerism – you’ve never seen anything like it). Plus loads of VJs, including 3d projections. All for free, and early enough to catch another show later.
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DEEP SPACE x DIGITAL MYSTIKZ: Mala, Coki, plus Francois K at Cielo [9PM/$15-20]
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