WOMPLIST 71: Claude Young, V.I.V.E.K., Ben UFO, Darkside, Todd Edwards, Codes

WOMPLIST 71: Claude Young, V.I.V.E.K., Ben UFO, Darkside, Todd Edwards, Codes & Plastic Plates

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Darkside, Justin Miller at Glasslands [10PM/$20]
Minimal beats and blues guitar aren’t exactly what you’d call a natural combination, but Darkside pulls it off with aplomb. The project is a collaboration between Nico Jaar and guitarist Dave Harrington. This 11 minute track epitomizes their sound; thick atmospherics and extended ambient sections give way to plodding bass and soulful guitar plucking accented by hazey vocals. Much as I’d love to hate this, it’s actually a pretty compelling vision of future soul.
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BLKMARKET: Ben UFO, Marcellus Pittman, Taimur & Fahad at secret location [11PM/$25]
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TOP PICK  CAPRICCIO: Claude Young (Detroit/Tokyo), Steve Summers, Patrick Russell, Alex from Queens, with reinforced sound at 285 Kent [11:59PM-6AM/$15]
Detroit techno pioneer Claude Young pulls from all corners of classic dance music – classic house and techno, disco & boogie as well as some choice contemporary sounds. He’s also an absolute beast on the turntables, cutting and mixing with a very involved, technical style that can really only be compared to Terrence Parker (with whom he did an amazing collab, the 4 Play EP).

Check out this live mix from the last time he played Capriccio in 2011. The sound quality is sub-par but combined with the crowd noise, you get a very visceral sense of what a great party it was. Here’s a better quality mix from his set last year at Honey Soundsystem. You can instantly tell this is a god at the controls. Lofi house maestro Steve Summers and Bunker-favorite Patrick Russell also guest alongside Capriccio founder & resident Alex from Queens. Super fantastic reinforced sound by Tony Andrews, designer of the Funktion-One.
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Todd Edwards, Studio Casual at Cameo Gallery [11:59PM/$17-20]
Todd the God returns to Brooklyn for an extended set at Cameo Gallery. I’m sure some kids there will just be waiting for that one song he did with Daft Punk, but personally I’m hoping he’ll lay down plenty of garage, the genre he pioneered. Been really vibing this week on these UK Garage mixes he’s got up on youtube. Classic stuff, and it’s always an educational expereince to be able to see the decks when a diety like Edwards is in control.
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Plastic Plates, Codes, Sean Glass at Russian & Turkish Baths 286 e 10th st [11PM/RSVP]
Disco, House and Disco-house in a steamy setting. Codes is always a solid bet for dancing – check out his absolutely smoldering set from last friday at Cielo. RSVP list is maxed but there may be tickets at the door after 12:30.
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Up Above: Soul Slinger, Sameer, Vinne, Soulflower, Bekim, The Loft Kid at Drom [10PM/$10]
A tip-off from our homie Bekim, who will be playing an early hip hop set. Lots of quality underground selectors specializing in booty-tastic house as well as early jungle/drum&bass. Admittedly I’d never heard of any of these guys, but their mixes are solid. Check out these sets from Loft Kid, Vinnie and my personal favorite, Sameer.
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DEEP SPACE: V.I.V.E.K. (System Sound, Rinse.fm ✈ UK) EARLY SET, Francois K at Cielo [9PM/$10-20]
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