WOMPLIST 67 Halloween Special: Yolo Bear, Thriftworks, G Jones, DJ Funeral, Lazerdisk, Principal Dean, Beats Antique,

WOMPLIST 67 Halloween Special: Yolo Bear, Thriftworks, G.Jones, DJ Funeral, Lazerdisk, Beats Antique

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Built By Meanred: DJ Yolo Bear, Brenmar, DJ Uniique, Nadus, DJ Tiga at 285 Kent [10PM/$10-12]
The anon producer making Jersey Club as DJ Yolo Bear finally makes his or her first official gig… or does he/she?! There are 2 other Yolo Bear gigs happening tonight, in the UK. Clearly some shenanigans are afoot. Regardless, Yolo Bear makes absolutely ridiculous club tunes, and if this rinse.fm guestmix is any indication, the bear can DJ too (Yolo Bear starts around 37:00). Brenmar supports with his signature sexy club styles, and as I understand it going b2b with some of the most legit Jersey Club producers out there – Uniique, Nadus and Tiga. Come see what all the fuss is about.

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Beats Antique, Ill-Esha, Sorne at Irving Plaza [9PM/$20]
Live “electro-acoustic gypsy hip-hop” outfit Beats Antique is a serious show. There’s an arsenal of stringed instruments, electronic drum kit and live sampling, dancers of the belly and fire variety, vocalists and on-stage summoning of dead gods. Their recent EP, Contraption Vol II is the best intro to their music, and includes their fantastic remix of Filastine’s Colony Collapse (another big fave of ours). Glitch-hop producer and vocalist Ill-Esha supports, as does collaborator Sorne. Will definitely sell out so get there early if you don’t have tickets aleady.

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LOST SOUL: Scallywag, Heidy Pinet, Alan Boomer, R Gamble at Wreck Room [10PM/FREE]
Free house and techno party at Bushwick’s favorite dive bar.

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TIGERMILK: Lazerdisk, Principal Dean, Travmatic & Marosy, Kuato, The Orator at TBA Brooklyn [10PM/FREE]

These guys actually do great writeups of their party, so I’ll let them take it away: “TIGERMILK is a dance party. A dance party that strives to present innovative, relatively mature dance music – that is, no car alarm bait music. So when our friends at LAZERDISK PARTY SEX (of Mad Decent/Dim Mak/Diplo fame) announced they were dropping the “Party Sex” from their name and moving away from the Moombahton and Brolectro bait music to pursue music more true to them (á la House & Disco), we welcomed them with open arms and invited them to conduct this holy sacrifice on our turntable alter in Brooklyn.

Joining them on-stage is HighOnBeats.com (ed note: and Wompblog!) favorite Principal Dean with his NYC debut (and apparently producing a House-oriented live set instead of his club/juke hybrids, to boot) as well as NYC nightlife icon & co-founder of Kaviar Disco Club, Travmatic with his long-time co-producer Marosy.”

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LIT CITY RAVE: DJ Funeral, Massacooramaan, Rizzla b2b False Witness, J-Cush, Durban at 285 Kent [11PM/$12]
DJ Funeral is the alias of a producer we know and love here on wompblog, but we aren’t gonna blow up their spot. Funeral’s style is dark, hybrid club music incorporating sounds of juke, jersey, vogue and spooky hip hop – this mix for Dis Magazine is a great primer, as is the new single Shutterbug. Massacooramaan also makes dark club music evocative of both dystopian scif-fi and ancient blood rites (here’s a mix). Both are perfect for a Halloween rave. And the godmotherfathers of KUNQ, Rizzla and False Witness, will be going b2b debuting a whole bunch of new material. As always Lit City is completely essential.

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lespectacle: Thriftworks (SF), Space Jesus, Supersillyus, Schlang Worldwide Secret Band, Technicolor Lenses, Blue Boy Productions, Digital Vagabond, eelko, The Hornitz at 80 Vernon Ave Bk [8PM/$30-40]
Thriftworks sounds like no-one else – his music practically demands made-up genre names. low slung bog-tech, space-wonk, buzzing robotic decay, music for sunken ballrooms, etc. He’s got loads of free releases on his bandcamp, all of them remarkably high quality. My favorite is either this year’s Terry D or his Rainmaker LP form last year, especially this track. Loads of local psychadelic dubstep/glitchhop/neurofunk producers supporting, notably Philly’s Space Jesus.

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Gemini & Scorpio Masquerade Macabre: Sxip Shirey & Adam Matta (Live JANK set), Pitchblak Brass Band, Joro Boro at Grand Harmony Restaurant [9PM/$20-50]
Gemini & Scorpio host the city’s most opulent underground parties, with ridiculous production design and immaculately costumed guests. Their musical selections are always on point too – Sxip Shirey makes stunning music from found objects. His JANK project, in collaboration with renowned beatboxer Adam Matta, turns it into a raging steampunk dance party. Pitchblak brass band plays hip-hop and dancehall with 10 pieces. And Joro Boro’s DJ sets are the stuff of legend – he calls it “post-national etno-tek”, I just call it insane eclecticism done right.

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BangOn! Warehouse of Horrors: Alex Metric, Just Blaze, G Jones, Revolvr, Joe Nice, J-Cush many more at 299 Meserole [9PM-6AM/$35-60]
BangOn doin it up with another 3 stage mini festival, complete with carnival rides, silent disco and ridiculous sound/lights. While the other stages focus on electro and deep hours, our homies at Patchwork have curated the bass music. Two of our absolute favorite residents get things popping; Lit City’s J-Cush on at midnight, and reconstrvct’s Joe Nice at 1:30. Then Just Blaze at 3 and G.Jones at 4. G.Jones is a name you might not be familiar with, but this Santa Cruz producer has put out tunes on our favorite european beat labels, Saturate and Robox Neotech. Check out this promo mix for his last EP – it’s crunk 808 bass music that transcends trap. Dubstep connoisseurs Max Mischief and Bekim take it till sunrise.
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Fuck yeah! See you on the floor!

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