WOMPLIST 61: T&B 7 Year, Icicle, Todd Terry, Lit City, Andy C, Final Tiki Disco, Tribes, GHE20G0TH1K

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brilliant landscape/fashion collage by Joseph Ford


Trouble & Bass 7 Year: Altern-8, Jesse Rose & Oliver$ (Berlin), Drop The Lime, Star Eyes, AC Slater, Tony Quattro & Doctor Jeep, Dev/Null, Jubilee, DKDS at Sullivan Room [10PM/$20]
If all the parties in NYC were drowning in lava and I could only save 1, it would be Trouble & Bass. For 7 years now, Trouble & Bass built incredible parties AND put out fantastic bass music (since way before bass music was even a term). Ravey-goth-punk-bassline-wotucallit;  to me, T&B is the sound of NYC.

Because 7 is a big year for all occultists, the lineup is naturally over the top – too big for 1 room, so they’re taking over 2! They’re bringing out rave legends Altern-8 from the UK to headline Room 1. Sure, NYC invented house music, but the UK invented raves, and Altern-8 were at the absolute heart of the original movement. Headlining room 2 is Jesse Rose and Oliver$ (you know this tune of his). They’ve only spun NYC once before, in the gallery of LPR 2 years ago, but holy crap I danced holes in my shoes that night. These guys are just simply masters of funky house music.

And naturally, the whole T&B core crew (Star Eyes, Drop the Lime, AC Slater) will be spinning throughout the night, along with homies Jubilee, DKDS and Dev/Null. And our personal faves, Tony Quattro & Doctor Jeep will be going b2b starting right at 10PM so don’t be late! For tons more music and mixes from everyone playing, click through to the full event feature.
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Kitsune Fashion Week: A-Trak, Hot Chip (DJ Set), Azari & III (live!), Gildas, Heartsrevolution, Kidnap Kid at the 1896 [10PM/FREEwRSVP]
Massive free party in the venue that housed the last reconstrvct. Will probably be packed to the gills. A bit of a festival-style lineup, but honestly everyone playing puts on a great show, and the names are big enough to convince your Manhattan friends.
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THE BUNKER: Luke Slater, Abdulla Rashim, Deadbeat, Bryan Kasenic at Output [10PM/$15-30]
Aww yeah big time techno time. Yeah.
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Girls & Boys presents RAM Records: Andy C, Loadstar, Armanni Reign, Alex English, Rekles at Webster Hall [11PM/$15-25]
Living legends of drum & bass come to crush Webster Hall. Andy C is consistently ranked as one of the best in the game for massive, pyrotechnic DnB.
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RINSED: Inner City (live!), Justin Strauss, Dantiez Saunderson, Dan Wender, Blacky II at secret location [10PM/$10-30]
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LIT CITY RAVE: Nguzunguzu, Dubbel Dutch, J-Cush b2b Durban at 285 Kent [10PM/$12-15]
Special extended sets from Nguzunguzu (3 hours) and J-cush b2b Durban (2 hours) mean that y’all are in for some extra deep and weird ghetto musix. Footwork, juke and ghetto house tend to dominate but you’re also likely to hear jersey club, grime, vogue or whatever you call that hyphy tropical shit that Dubbel Dutch does so well. Lit City is always a bangin party.
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MIXPAK at Union Docs Opening Party: Nick Catchdubs, Jubilee, Dre Skull, Dubbel Dutch at 322 Union Ave [9:30/$6]
Ready for a dubble dose of … Dubbel Dutch? Progressive documentary collective Union Docs is having their opening party, and a fine lineup of DJs to entice you to come party. Whole mixpak crew bringing the tropical heat, plus Fools Gold demi-boss, Nick Catchdubs.
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Natural Selection and Subverse-NYC: Icicle, Adred, I.N.I., Max Mischief, hosted by Robert Manos at The Paper Box [10PM/$15-20]
Over the last few years, Icicle has had a massive impact on the drum-n-bass, and bass music in general. His distinctive, minimal style has lead the charge, invigorating dnb for a new generation of fans and producers. Natural Selection, who hold down the old school DnB parties in NYC, are combining forces with the new school, Subverse-NYC, for a proper jumpoff.
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GHE20G0TH1K Aaliyah Tribute: MikeQ, Byrell The Great, Jubilee, Shayne, Venus X at Output Rooftop [3-10PM]
Ghe20g0th1k flips the script with a rooftop, daytime white party.  Celebrating the music of Aaliyah, whose voice has had a bigger impact on club music than anyone since James Brown.
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S.O.U.P. pres. TIME WARP – Music in NYC from 1989-1999: Todd Terry, Frankie Bones, Db, Lenny Dee, Love & Logic, Scott Richmond, DJ Bill, Joe Pompeo, Dbow & Nick Jagger, Chris Patrick, Lemar Soulflower, Meshugs at TBA Brooklyn [2PM-4AM/RSVP]
An all-day, all-night party celebrating 90s club music from NYC. And holy crap what a lineup! Todd Terry and Frankie Bones are like Watson and Crick to house music’s DNA, while Lenny Dee and Db have been pushing NYC DnB since day 1. I’d guess there’s over 200 years of combined experience behind the decks in this lineup. During the day, the garage door will be open at TBA for open-air vibes, shutting at 9. Guiliani effigies will be provided if you don’t want to bring your own. Price is unclear but RSVP will reduce it.
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TRIBES: Doctor Jeep vs Sheepshead, Dunes vs Finger Trade, Lenvi vs Don Clark, Ishi vs Medina, Girlbro vs Gizmo, Wodge Daddy, Keat Toh & PHYSIQUE Crew at RSVP for location [10-7am/$10]
A massive warehouse jam with a dozen young, hungry NYC DJs, from crews like Trouble & Bass, Strongbros, Rinsed, and Bass Squad. These are the cats who open and close all your favorite parties, hold down the weeknight gigs, and will be the ones keeping our city funky for years to come. Get to know them now if you haven’t already.
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TIKI DISCO: Eli Escobar, Lloydski, Andy Pry at Rockaway Beach 86th St Boardwalk [FREE/3-10PM]
Don’t cry, but it’s the final Tiki Disco of the summer! If you haven’t gone yet, clear your schedule. You’ll be kicking yourself all winter if you don’t. If you somehow still need convincing, Thump just put up a live recording of Eli Escobar’s set from the last one.
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World Up x Dub-Stuy Block Party: Secret Headliner, DJ Q-Mastah, World Up Graduates, 187 Sound, Melo-X, Pudge, AwNaw, Chuk LeGarcon, Atropolis, Brooklyn Shanti, hosted by Fresh Daily at 323 Franklin Ave [noon-6PM/FREE]
One final Summer BBQ with the Dub-Stuy Tower of Sound. Irie vibes from Dub-Stuy residents, digital/tropical sounds Dutty Artz allstars, instrumental hiphop from Beathaus producers, and fresh sounds from the highschool aged graduates of the World-Up program. Oh yeah, and a hip hop legend or two headlining… if what I heard is true, these are some names that even your mama knows. Don’t Sleep!
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