WOMPLIST 60: Tuba & Dubstuy BBQ, AstroNautico, Reduced List for Symbols at Output, Dusky, 100% Discovery, MTHRInc

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☆ ASTRONAUTICO: Alphabets Heaven (King Deluxe ✈ UK), Seafloor, Photay, plus Obey City, The Range, Michael Jukeson, Paul Jones at Free Candy [10-3/$5-10]
alphabetsheaven is a producer of wonky instrumentals from Brighton, UK. Affiliated with great beat music labels like king deluxe and project mooncircle, his crunchy beats approach some kind of mystical. His Boosh! Ep was one of the finest beat releases to come out last year. Local bass music experimentalists Seafloor and Photay also bring their own original beats, alongside the residents (who we always gush about so we won’t this time). RSVP to get in for $5 instead of 10.
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All Night Long with Frankie Knuckles at Cameo [12AM/$17-20]
A four hour set from the god of house music. A lot of 1st wave house djs still get booked on their historicity, but Frankie gets booked cuz he still kills it every time. All classics, none of that new school garbage.
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Night Call: SDK, Live Cats, Beto Cravioto, Chris UK at Breadbox 291 Kent [10PM/FREE]
A free party from some excellent local DJs – forecast calls for house, disco, garage and who knows what else. Breadbox is a brand spankin new venue on Kent Ave, and we’ve been hearing great things about the sound and the vibe down there. Plus, there’s a top shelf vodka open bar from 11-12, so why not check it out?
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☆ TUBA NYC & Dubstuy BBQ: Q-Mastah, Bakir, Double Tiger, Rozi, Bent Back Sound, 187 Sound, Cuddlemonster, special guests at 323 Franklin Ave [3-6PM/$5 Donation]
Between their solid output and promising event series, TubaNYC has emerged this year as an NYC dubstep worth watching. They’re collaborating with the world class dubstuy sound system for an end-of-summer backyard BBQ. Expect a diversity of dubwise sounds from a host of top notch seletahs, good food, and a final dose of summertime vibes.
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MTHRINC: Obey City, Color Plus, DKDS, Carme B, Crybaby at Fitness 1196 Myrtle Ave [11PM/$7-10]
A brand new event series with a serious debut lineup. We got a lot of love for the champagne sounds of Obey City (and boy does he ever kill it DJing), Dark Disco residents DKDS, plus Carme B from Falty DL’s super-new Blueberry Records, the dark, sexy styles of Cry Baby, and killer bass music from Color Plus.
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SCI FI & FANTASY present RELEASE: Galcher Lustwerk, Mayster, Contakt, Max McFerren, Grayson Revoir, Lamin Fofana at Breadbox 291 Kent [10PM/FREE]
Ep release party for Turrbotax resident Mayster. His Premise EP is the 6th release from SF&F, and the centerpiece is undoubtedly the supremely NSFW vocal cut Story of Us. But the whole crew is a talented bunch, with many unique and discriminating takes on house and techno. At free.99, this is definitely the best deal of the night.
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100% Discovery: Octo Octa, Policy, Alex Burkat, Free Magic & Faso at Glasslands [11:30PM/$10]
Our favorite disco party teams up the prolific LA-based lofi house music label 100% Silk for a totally stacked lineup. If there were such a thing as fantasy DJ leagues, Policy would be an MVP – every set he plays is fantastic.
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Fixed x Verboten: Dusky, Miguel Campbell, JDH & Dave P at Sullivan Room [10PM/$20-25]
Dusky epitomizes the kind of super-clean, bassline-heavy house that people keep mislabelling as “Deep”. Regardless, it’s bouncy, funky and fun as hell – you’ve definitely had this tune stuck in your head before. Miguel Campbell comes from the Hot Creations camp, which typically has a more commercial, Ibiza-ish sound than we usually feature on this blog, but his essential mix is heavy on the funk, so we’re bettin this one is worth your while.
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