WOMPLIST 49: Dub Stuy Showcase, Temple of Bass, Tiki Disco, Kingdom, Koan Sound, Minnesota, Kuhrye-oo + UNO NYC


Arbutus x UNO After Dark: Gobby, Special Guest, Ian Isiah, Aquarian, Kuhrye-oo at 285 Kent [12AM/$10]
Gobby’s neurosis-fueled noisey techno, Ian Isiah’s sexed-slathered RnB and Aquarian’s dark dancey techno are all stellar examples of the creativity that makes Uno such an interesting label. But to these ears, it’s opener Kuhrye-oo’s genre-fucking style that is the most compelling. His superb mixes deftly navigate a maze of dark 2-step, hiphop, vocal garage, juke, and ambient, always coming back to a center of frenetic drums and emotive midrange. Dark, psychedelic club music that is all the more danceable for it’s eclectic approach. He’s up first, at midnight.
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Northside Fest: OSBOURNE plus Evan Michael, Judge Wise, T’angelo at Cameo Gallery [12AM/$7]
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SHAMELESS: 2Melo, Casey Skodnek, Barney Iller, Tinseltown at House of Yes [10-6/$10]
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DUB-STUY x Northside Indie Label Showcase: Dutty Artz, Daptone Records, Easy Star, Truth and Soul, Bastard Jazz, Liondub, 180 Proof, Electric Cowbell, Names You Can Trust, Taitu at the Paper Box [2PM-1AM/$5]
Northside fest teams up with Dub Stuy records (and their incredible soundsystem) for an all day showcase of 10 of the best indy labels in NYC. It’s a great mix of soulful dance music, both new and old. DJs from some of NYC’s finest labels selecting great classic soul, dub, funk and hip hop, plus more contemporary dance music from Wompblog regulars Dutty Artz (tropical bass), Dub-Stuy’s own Tour de Force (rootsy dubstep), and Liondub (DnB). Check out our full feature on this event for a whole bunch of superfine mixes from the lineup.
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Temple of Bass: Imagika Om, Joro Boro, The Mast, True Nature, Natasha Blank at The Knockdown Center [10-6/$20]
One of them vegan raves, with no booze and raw food vendors. Seriously though, this looks like a really well-put together event (and a lack of drunk fools is nothing to complain about). This is a REALLY well curated lineup of NYC bass music. Natasha Blank is, founder of the ecstatic yoga dance party Get your Dance On and an equal-opportunity party-rocker. True Nature of Reconstrvct, master of all things dub/dubstep/drum n bass. Joro Boro, I’ll just give you his own words here: “etnoteck, glitch-folk and post-national bass” (which I can tell you from many late nights at Rubulad, fucking kicks ass). I’ve written at length about my love for live electronica duo The Mast, and the event organizers seem to agree. Headliner Imagika Om I’m admittedly not familiar with, but sounds like some fractally tribal glitch hop. All this is happening at the Knockdown Center in Queens (don’t worry, it’s still on the L train), powered by the world-class Tsunami Bass soundsystem.
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BangOn!NYC in 3D: Koan Sound, Minnesota, Chainsmokers, LowRIDERz, Max Mischief, Alex English, Sean Glass, GIno Santos, Bekim, Lacey Youngblood, Suntalk, Golden Pony, more at tba near Montrose L [9PM-6/$25]
BangOn is like the Brooklyn-raised bastard child of EDC and Lightning in a Bottle – the lineup is leans heavily on West Coast heavy bass sounds, surrounded by carnival rides, fancy lighting and 3D projections (glasses provided), food vendors and live art, all in an air-conditioned BK warehouse. Must see acts are Koan Sound, for their exuberant, funky glitch-hop (think Tipper-meets-Bootsy) and Minnesota’s melodic, luscious lovers dubstep. Oh yeah, and they added Felix Da Housecat, for bonus name recognition/ lovers of generic festival house.
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SHADE Coast 2 Coast: Total Freedom (LA), Prince William (LA), The Carry Nation, Fatherhood at tba [12AM/$15-20]
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Kingdom, Dan Boden at The Knitting Factory [11:30PM/$12]
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TIKI DISCO: Lloydski, Andy Pry, Eli Escobar at the Panther Room Rooftop [3-10PM/$10]
Tiki Disco has exploded in popularity since it’s genesis in the backyard of Robertas 3 summers ago. Notable that they’ve done this without ever having any guest headliners – which is a testament to the way Andy Pry, Eli Escobar and Lloydki all fucking BURN IT DOWN every goddamn time. This Sunday, the summer dance party/cult will get all up in Output’s Panther Room and roof deck.
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