WALA in the mix live from Sea of Dreams NYE afterparty in SF (free d/l!)

Wala brings the hyphy purple glitch crunk free dl mix

this mix by WALA was so good i straight up turned it off. I was already hyped because the tracklist included two recent soundcloud favorites. I ended up looking up the first 3 tracks in a row (thereby turning me on to turnsteak), they were all so good. and when what sounded like a glitchhop white stripes track came one (turned out it was the excellent Unlimited Gravity remix of AWOLNATION, but the guys voice sounds similar) I pretty much threw my headphones at my monitor. This mix was dangerously awesome. Truly hyphy.

Upon a second, thorough and complete listening (performed at a safe distance from any responsibilities), my earlier suspicions were confirmed – this mix is indeed pants-shittingly awesome. Wala’s got a super solid foundation of glitch-hop greats (MiM0SA, iLL-Esha, Opiuo, Vibesquad, Marty Party, Boreta) as well as some of my favorites of the newer breed. Sprinkled liberally with fantastic remixes of classic partystarters by Santigold, Chromeo, Missy, N.A.S.A, Look At Me Now (just the Busta + Weezy verses, natch), this mix sounds like it must have absolutely GONE OFF. I hope the crowd was still raging – I know if I stumbled into this set at 4:30am on NYE, I’d be going stupid.

WALA at Free Bass by WALA

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