Plastic Thumbs Boardrider mixtape slays your face!

I really, really wish I had a time machine, so these guys could play my Bar Mitzvah

Plastic Thumbs, a criminally underhyped DJ duo from the UK, have just dropped their fourth mixtape, and it’s a whomper! Their last three have all been classics, you can check them all on their soundcloud.

The Plastic Thumbs sound is a fresh mash of classic ragga party jams, big whompy basslines, and extra crunky beats running the gamut from dancehall to b-more to baile to bashment. Their sets are constantly accelerating tornados of crunky, sassy, lose-your-shit party music. 

There’s obviously a wealth of collective DJ experience between these two. Their craftsmanship as DJs is masterful. A thick, delicious undercurrent of cheeky juxtapositions runs throughout their work, like a fudge ripple in Ben-n-Jerry’s. I don’t wanna ruin anything for you guys, but there’s a point where he drops “WHOOMP! THERE IT IS” over sped-up Major Lazer and then moves right into a Drop The Lime followed by Luda. No tracklist, just get into it!

Boardrider & Insight 51 Mixtape by Plastic Thumbs

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