So Dj Pound and eLan did a split 10″ … and it rules

DJ Pound and eLan were, individually, two of my favorite discoveries of this past year. So when I see on twitter just now that they did a split 10″ together, and it’s dropping friday? I bugged. It’s a super limited pressing, and I’ll probably never own one (unless I buy it here), but hey, don’t make that face, it’s on bandcamp for all of us to enjoy. Anyway, big shock, it’s fucking awesome. But don’t take my word for it….

album name SATURATED! VOL. 2 (STRTLP002)


Saturate Records is one of the guiding lights in the world of WompBlog, and at barely 1 year old, they’ve already developed quite a catalog. In April of 2011, they put out their first complilation, SATURATED! Vol 1, and I stumbled upon the promo mix. I was hooked on the sound instantly –  though at the time

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