Strand’s ‘Bankstaz Paradise’ pays tribute to G-funk with skronky beats and horns

Bankstaz Paradise is some of the freshest shit I’ve heard in a minute. Spanish producer Strand delivers 6 tracks full of Afrobeat horns and skronky beats reminiscent of Fulgeance. Oh, and an Om Unit remix. How can you not hit play? According to the description,

he had two ideas in mind: paying homage to G-funk and Gangsta Rap (drawing a parallel between the gangstaz and bankstaz of the current Spanish economic crisis) and working with a soul-afrobeat horn section which was conveniently named The Financial Horns.

Love G-funk and I love the way he’s updated it and tied it in with current events. You can preorder the wax over at Bandcamp, this is out Feb 17 on Lovemonk.

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