Our favorite Annie Mac mixes + reduced list for tonight at Panther Room

Our favorite Annie Mac mixes + reduced list for tonight at Panther Room

Goddamn I love Annie Mac. As the deep pop-house thing has blown up over the last year, Annie has proven herself to be a true tastemaker in the nascent genre. With her regular BBC1 show, her weekly Free Music Monday downloads and especially with her finely constructed mixes, she effortlessly sifts out the true gems from an endless sea of drivel. If I’ve had a soulful, poppy house/bass tune stuck in my head over the last year, there’s an 90% probability it came from one of her mixes.

So, naturally I implore all of you reading this to get your asses out to the Panther Room at Output tonight for her first NYC gig in ages (the last time she was here was Mixpak Halloween in 2011). She’ll be playing in the intimate Panther Room tonight at Output with hometown heroes Jubilee and Alex English supporting.

To help get your ass on the floor, we got access to the reduced list at the door tonight, so you’ll pay less than everyone else to get in and get down. Just send your FULL NAME to wompblog@gmail.com before 7:30PM tonight, and we’ll make sure you get on. To make it even EASIER, you can just enter your name in the form below – this will not only get us your name for the reduced list at the door, but also subscribe you to the WompList, a weekly email where you’ll find out about all the best upcoming bass music shows in NYC (and get more sweet hookups like this one).

Get reduced admission to Annie Mac tonight AND weekly bass music updates

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