Low Steppa’s Certfied Jackin Mixtape

will bailey low steppa mix certified jackin trouble & bass garage rave

That’s that shit I do like. ¬†Lowsteppa crafts huge rolling garage basslines and wobbly ravey vibes¬†(tho apparently he’s been producing all kinds of electro stuff as Will Bailey for a loooong time now). In addition to being hella prolific (his soundcloud is a nonstop stream of EPs, singles, remixes and free downloads), the man puts together a fine mix. Exhibit A, his installment for the CERTIFIED JACKIN mix series, embedded below. If you’re prone to pulling faces and dancing in public, this mix is probably NSFW.

Now when is he going to come stateside and play a Trouble & Bass party? Ugh, that would be so perfect. Download it HERE.

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