Holy crap! We’re going (back) to Outlook Festival!!

YOU GUYS It’s almost time for Outlook Festival and I’m starting to freak out a little bit. If you don’t know already, Outlook is the world’s greatest celebration of sound system music and culture, and it’s set in an abandoned fort on the stunning Adriatic coast in Croatia. It’s been 2 years since we were last there and we can not WAIT to get back. If reconstrvct is our local church, then Outlook is Mecca. And the Vatican. And Jerusalem. It’s a pilgrimage to the promised land.

I could go on, but this highlights video from last year does a much better job of transmitting all the vibes in 6 minutes than I could in a lifetime (especially if you watch it in HD 😎).

In the coming weeks we’ll be posting what we are most looking forward to, as well as some handy info for Americans who are trying to reach this summer. If that’s you, then it’s not too late! Tickets have not yet sold out (but they will) and flights are still pretty reasonable (but won’t be for much longer). Hit me up if you have any logistical questions.

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