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Goth Trad is coming! Tonight, the peerless Japanese dubstep producer will be at Cielo for Deep Space again after performing there this past August – and advance tickets are still just $10! Deep Space rarely books DJs twice, much less twice in 6 months, but, well – just read what they have to say about him:

His set last year was as close to Deep Space perfection as we’ve ever heard a guest dj pull off! Goth-Trad’s set was simply brilliant. It captured everything we love at Deep Space: a strong sense of music history; a visionary’s perspective of fresh rhythms; the kind of bass that glues our lower jaw and groins to the dance floor; creative excursions that lost us in space; and masterful mixes.

Personally, I couldn’t be more excited. Goth-Trad’s 2012 LP, New Epoch, was without a doubt the album of the year for me (cop it here). Shit, maybe album of the decade. Not since DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing have I been so consistently drawn back to (and rewarded by) a piece of electronic music. And like Shadow, Goth Trad innovates a genre of dark, instrumental, urban music; rejecting all the familiar palettes, but still playing by the genre’s rules. While it has all the hallmarks of classic deep dubstep, the component sounds and textures are completely unexpected. There are also parallels here to what Amon Tobin was doing with jungle on Bricolage, or what DJ Krush did with illbient on Jaku (not to mention the latter’s seamless incorporation of traditional instruments) .

But if you just want to jump right into Goth Trad’s sound, there’s no better way to get familiar than with this mix he recorded for Dubspot the last time he was in NYC. Showcasing both his gorgeous productions and his incredible mixing, this is what you should be listening to if you’re on the fence about coming tonight.

01. GOTH-TRAD – Grind (dub)
02. GOTH-TRAD – Dark Path (DEEP MEDi)
03. Karma – Meanings (dub)
04. GOTH-TRAD – Cosmos (DEEP MEDi)
05. GOTH-TRAD – Axis (dub)
06. GOTH-TRAD – Seeker (DEEP MEDi)
07. GOTH-TRAD – Man in the Maze (DEEP MEDi)
08. GOTH-TRAD – Departure (DEEP MEDi)
09. Distance – Traffic [GOTH-TRAD Remix] (Planet Mu)
10. GOTH-TRAD – Air Breaker (DEEP MEDi)
11. GOTH-TRAD – Itinerant Priest (DEEP MEDi)
12. Pampidoo – Synthesizer Voice [GOTH-TRAD Remix VIP] (dub)
13. GOTH-TRAD – Cut End VIP (dub)
14. Johnney Osbourne – Fally Rankinig [V.I.V.E.K. Remix]  (Greensleeves Dubstep)
15. GOTH-TRAD – Meteor (dub)
16. GOTH-TRAD – Born To Know (dub)
17. GOTH-TRAD – New Epoch (DEEP MEDi)

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