TIGERMILK: Lazerdisk, Principal Dean, Travmatic & Marosy, Kuato, The Orator at TBA Brooklyn


Lazerdisk (Dim Mak / Mad Decent ✈ LA)
Principal Dean ( Astronautico / B.yrself Division, VT)
Travmatic & Marosy (Kaviar Disco Club / Plant Music, NYC)
Kuato (Party Guy Records / Tigermilk, NYC)
The Orator (Mushpost / Sub.fm / Tigermilk)

Venue Info

TBA Brooklyn
395 Wythe Ave,
Brooklyn NY

J/M Train to Myrtle Ave

Tickets HERE

$8 Presale / Day of Show (With Costume)
$12 Day of Show

Tunes and Mixes

Principal Dean


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