Phaeleh, The-Drum, Moon Bounce, Enoe at Glasslands [11:30PM/$12-14]

Phaeleh is one of my absolute favorite “chill” dubstep producers. I don’t really think it’s fair to call it ambient; his tunes have plenty of structure and groove. They’re just devoid of the usual menace and dread present in old-school dubstep, opting instead for yearning, cinematic vibes. This time-lapse video of sunsets and star trails is a really brilliant pairing with his music.

If you like Author, Bonobo or Clubroot, chances are you fucking love Phaeleh. He’s playing FRIDAY at Glasslands, with a an excellent support lineup (see below). While I’m crossing my fingers that they bring in some extra subs, it’s going to be a great show no matter what. People have a really passionate connection with his music, and the heads will definitely be out in force for this one. If you want a perfect introduction to his music, just hit play on this live set from GetDarker – no talking, just vibes.

Phaeleh – GetDarkerTV Live 111 by Getdarker on Mixcloud


Phaeleh (Afterglo ✈ London)
The-Drum (Audraglint / Mishka ✈ Chicago)
Moon Bounce (Chill Mega Chill /  NY/Philly)
Enoe (Percussion Lab, NYC)

Venue Info

189 Kent Ave
Brooklyn NY 11249
Tickets HERE

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