INPUT: Dark Sky (50 Weapons/Mr. Saturday Night – UK), Graze (live!), Detroit Swindle, Heathered Pearls at Output [10PM/$15-20]

We are giving away 2 tickets to this show, and we have a reduced list for $10 off at the door! You can enter with twitter or email, all details here.


Dark Sky (50 Weapons/Mr. Saturday Night – UK)
Graze (Live! New Kanada)
Detroit Swindle (Dirt Crew / Heist Recordings)

Venue Info

74 Wythe Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

L To Bedford

$20 advance tickets HERE
$25 Door

Tunes and Mixes

Dark Sky
Dark Sky is a big deal to us. The UK trio makes quintessential UK Bass music. Their 2012 Black Rainbows EP on Black Acre was my intro to what I thought was tech house, and lead me to believe the genre was a lot more interesting than it actually was. Turns out this is pretty wild, garage-y tech-house. Dark, funky tunes that brutalize dancefloors. Their following  Tectonic single (a collaboration with pre-“Jack” Breach, when it was ok to like him) reinforced that sound, while their Myriam EP for 50 weapons takes things in a weirder and more minimal direction (though no less funky).

But with 3 members, it’s no surprise Dark Sky has many facets (great interview here illuminating how they work). Their In Brackets EP for Brooklyn’s own Mr. Saturday Night label displays a more cinematic, downtempo-influenced approach. It wouldn’t sound out of place mixed between Four Tet and label-mates Archie Pelago. 

Much like our faves Sepalcure, Graze is two fairly different producers, both well established in very different scenes. Christian Anderson (who you may know as future-bass producer XI) and techno veteran Adam Marshall met when Anderson put out a record on Marshall’s New Kanada label and the musical chemistry was immediately apparent. You can pretty much read the story in New Kanada’s release sheets; NK34 is an XI record with an Adam Marshall remix, and later that year NK42 is the first Graze EP. It was a promising hybrid of techno, house and bass tropes, but it was their LP that really got me on board.  Infectious, driving tunes that balance bedroom production details with big room aspirations. Their debut live set should be a thing of beauty, if this live session recording is any indication.

Detroit Swindle

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