FRI: Starkey, Chrissy Murderbot at Glasslands [11:30/$12]

Chrissy Murderbot

Venue Info:
289 Kent Ave
Brooklyn 11211

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Starkey is a fucking amazing producer. For years, his was the only stateside name to come up in any discussion of dubstep or grime production – in’08 he did guestmixes for Rob Booth’s Electronic Explorations and was one of the seven producers tapped for Mary Anne Hobbs Generation Bass special. He runs Slit Jockey and Seclusiasis records out of Philly, PA. Staying true to the Street Bass sound he and Dev79 have been pushing for years; Street Bass is a little bit like dubstep, a little bit like glitch hop (or the my favorite, and tragically short-lived microgenre, Turbocrunk) and quite a bit like grime. But godbless him for it not being any of those things.  To a noob, you might say it’s a little bit like trap, but then you’d be missing the point entirely – trap, at least in it’s current gentrified state, is really more like watered-down street bass. Fusing the energetic tropes of rap production with the depth of UK Bass, Starkey manages to make something more compelling than either of them.

Exhibit A – some serious neck-snappin shit:

Exhibit B – luscious synthy wobble biz:

Point being, one should never sleep on an opportunity to see the man do his thing. Just listen to this mix below, I guarantee it’s not like anything you’ve ever heard (there is an emcee tho, be warned).

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