Fuck. Yes. 3 amazing electronic acts, all headliners if you ask me. Yppah is at the top of the bill, because he’s put out a buncha great albums on Ninjatune, the most recent of which I devoted a bunch of words to. He’s going to be playing with a live band and vocalist Anomie Bell. Should be sublime.

Distal… is just the man, man. His LP, Civilization, on the legendary Tectonic Records, was without a doubt the best thing that came out in April. He recently destroyed Boiler Room with a firestorm of 160 dubs and his infection energy had me dancing by my desk at work.

And Archie Pelago, who are really, truly my favorite band. Seriously, I’m at every one of their shows, and you should be too. 1 cello + 1 sax + 1 turntable = magic. Check the vid below if you don’t believe me.

11PM – Yppah feat. Anomie Belle
12AM – Archie Pelago 12am
1AM – Distal
2AM – Archie b2b Distal

More info HERE
Tickets HERE

Public Assembly
70 N 6th St,
Brooklyn, NY

Archie Pelago Live Mix For Mary Anne Hobbs from Archie Pelago on Vimeo.

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