FRI: Girls & Boys with Style of Eye, AC Slater [11PM/$5]

Yes, Webster Hall on a friday will likely be overflowing with douchebaggery. But if you like your electro to be dirty/jackin/fidgety/fun-as-fuck and mercifully unmarred by shitty pop vocals or Skrillex Syndrome, then this is your jam. RSVP for $5 admission before midnight, (instead of 15 or 20), but get there at 11 so as to avoid the rush.

Style Of Eye (Dirtybird, Fools Gold)
AC Slater (Trouble & Bass, Party Like Us)
Alex English (GBH)
Rekles (GBH)

Tickets HERE ($15)
RSVP HERE ($5 Admission before Midnight)

Webster Hall
125 E. 11th St
New York, NY

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