FRI: BASTRDZM vs Jungle/Juke with DJ Ripley [10PM/FREE]

Local madness merchants JoroBoro and WhoAmI have been doin their BASTRDZM night for a minute now. Love the m.o. here: in bastardized culture, low, frowned upon, illegitimate, hybrid, not traditional/authentic. In music think bubbling revival, databent chalga, digital cumbia, 8bit dubstep, fidget punk, jungle footwork, machine merengue, psychedelic trap, screwed baile funk, sissy bounce…

This month, they welcome one of my favorite DJs I’ve never seen – DJ Ripley. She’s got unimpeachable credentials (founding resident of Surya Dub, and voted Best Dance DJ of 2008 by the SF Guardian reader poll) and 12 years behind the decks ruthlessly mashes styles and flavors. Speaking of credentials, she’s also a journalist, an outspoken feminist, and has a PhD from Berkeley Law for her studies on copyright and creativity in Jamaica. If you read her blog or interviews, you’ll very quickly realize she’s one of the smartest people in dance music.

I love love LOVE this bit from her artist statement:

I mix music together in a way that highlights difference rather than seamlessness. I’m interested in cracking open assumptions about what people relate to – pulling out familiar songs and sounds from people’s childhood or community, and layering them with foreign, distant sounds in ways that make the familiar strange and the strange familiar.

By highlighting and heightening the interactive nature of music, I call attention to the pleasure of subverting fixed, individualistic attitudes to music that treat songs (and the physical spaces in which we engage them) as property, bounded by permission and ownership. All music is embedded in multiple social contexts, from the personal to the global, but many people are not aware of the richness of relationships.

In other words, Ripley is here to fuck your shit up, which is exactly what a DJ should be doing. Check the mix by her below, and make sure your head is screwed on tight, cuz it’ll be spinning by the time you’re done.

Most importantly, fucking COME OUT and see her spin Friday night alongside JoroBoro and WhoAmI at Casa Mezcal.

DJ Ripley
Joro Boro

FB event HERE

Venue Info:
Casa Mezcal
82 Orchard St
New York, NY 10002


1 Screamin Fuck The Cops – S’ur o vie
2 Bitches (South Rakkas Crew Remix) -Killa Queenz
3 Oriental Uno (feat. Fanfara Kalashnikov) -Beats Antique
4 Move Up (feat. Warrior Queen) -Prince Kong
5 Dark Stranger (Johnny Jungle remix) -Boogie Times Tribe
6 Juke-Down Saturday Night -DmoeFunk & Nick Lally
7Bottom Shelf Kolo -Unsoundbwoy
8 This is why I Juke (MIMS v. DJ Funk & Justice) -Flufftronix
9 Get Get Down -DJ Flawlez
10 Time is Running Out – Dj Phiene
11 War in ‘94-Badman
12 Mash Up The Place (DigiSoca Mix) – Kid606
13 Nena Linda -Dj Flawlez
14 Ragtop -GA Girlz
15 Get Down On Tha Ground (Juke remix) DJ Remi
16 More Time -Dj Rap and Aston
17 Beat Boy (Dj Tuco Juke Edit) -Die Antwoord
18 White Horse -Senor Coconut
19 Bend Ya Back Down Low (feat. Osay) -Galaxy
20 Pop Drop -Wish/ DJ Nehpets
21 Mash Up -Bunji Garlin
22 Hitman (Marvellous Cain Mix) -Cutty Ranks/ Marvellous Cain
23 Dear John (IBounce) -Dj C
24 Slo Mo -Tego Calderon
25 Soundboy -Robot Koch
26 Nothing from Dem -Gappy Ranks
27 Watch me Transform Ya -Mr. Lexx
28 I Am A Robot -Pupajim
29 Delicatement Doux (remix Ex3kiel) – High Tone
30 I Got Bass -Busta Rhymes
31 Baptized By Dub rmx -FLeCK
32 64Bytesremix vs. Slimthug – Dj Space Invader
33 Cumbia (Deathface ‘un canto al chapo guzman’) – Mexican Institute of Sound
34 Is That You? (Akira Kiteshi rmx) -Party Dark
35 Crackstep -Gizmode
36 Anaconda (Douster Dagga Robot edit) -Untold
37 (unknown)- Internet white label
38 Stinkin Rich Bootleg Remix -Gappy Ranks (Rogue State rmx)
39 Kalemba (Reso’s Aguardente Remix)- Buraka Som Sistema
40 Yuh Nuh Ready VIP -Taal Mala
41 Boiling Over -Kush Arora
42 Dance Dance -LH1
43 Dubtical mutetu -Arrogalla remixes Roots Ista Posse

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