FRI: Astro Nautico at Free Candy: Time Wharp, Raja, Howse, The Range, M. Constant, Kuhn, Obey City, Paul Jones [$8/10PM]

From the promoter:

Astro Nautico is totally chuffed to announce the launch of a new series of dance parties this summer in Prospect Heights.

Our big deal first party is on Friday, July 6 at the fresh performance space FreeCandy, a former car parking garage filled with street art, neon UV paint, a full-service bar and multiple projector screens.

We’re bringing to town five young East Coast deejay-producers who are all deeply down to share their unique blends of experimental club music on our reinforced sound system.

We’ll also have a mixture of live VHS mixing, found footage and analog visual synthesis from projectionist and Astro Nautico co-founder Paul Jones. Expect partially-revealed ’80s babes, gully zombie gore, and primitive computer graphics.

You don’t have to be a music head in order to enjoy what we’re planning. Thunderous bass weight and raw visual eclecticism form a potent electronic cocktail capable of offering just about anyone a uniquely invigorating party experience.

Come celebrate with us our mission to found a new Brooklyn home for experimental club music.

Time Wharp (JASS)
Raja (Guns of Kingstom)
Howse (Tri Angle)
The Range (Donkey Pitch)
M. Constant (JASS)

Plus Residents:
Kuhn (Civil Music)
Obey City (LuckyMe, BYRSELF)
Paul Jones (FatDudes)

RSVP HERE for $5 admission, $8 otherwise

Free Candy
905 Atlantic Ave
2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY

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