Descent & RBMA pres: BUTTERZ US Tour ft. Swindle, Elijah, Skilliam, Royal-T, Flava D, Subset at Slake [10PM/FREEwRSVP/$10adv]


Swindle (Deep Medi / Butterz ✈ LDN)
Elijah (Rinsefm / Butterz ✈ LDN)
Skilliam (Rinsefm /Butterz ✈ LDN)
Royal-T (Rinsefm / Butterz ✈ LDN)
Flava D (Eskibeat Recordings / Butterz ✈ LDN)
Subset (Bassment Saturdays – NYC)

Venue Info

251 W 30th St

123ACENQR  to to 34th St

FREE before 12 with RSVP HERE (not fb)

$10 advance tickets HERE
Door price more, tbd

Tunes and Mixes

I first heard Swindle when Silkie & Quest dropped “Do The Jazz” at as one of their first tunes at Cielo in April of 2012. Soaked in jazz and funk and punctuated with bombastic snares, it was utterly unlike any dubstep I’d ever heard before. I spent MONTHS searching for that tune (and those opening chords and handclaps still give me chills every time I hear them getting mixed in).

At the time he only had a few small releases but Swindle has since gone on to put out a FANTASTIC debut album on Deep Medi (stream the whole thing), put together a live band for special occasions, and put out some incredible new collaborative tunes with Joker as 040 (check the one below).

Selector After Dark – Swindle by Selector After Dark on Mixcloud

Flava D
One of my favorite new producers and DJs, Flava D makes invigorating grime and garage that gets me dancing in my chair every time. Her production chops are formidable, and she’s prolific as hell. She gave away 4 volumes of unreleased material on her bandcamp over the last few months, and there honestly isn’t a weak tune in the lot.

The two bootlegs below are pretty much masterpieces. The Jill Scott remix is so danceable it’s basically NSFW. And while I thought Badu’s On and On is the kinda song that doesn’t need any more remixes – much less one in the first place – now that I’ve heard hers, I wouldn’t wanna live in a world without it.

Check out her FABRICLIVE mix below, which is 100% her tunes, and you’ll see that she’s also got a killer sense of how to build energy with selection and mixing. Continuity, unfortunately, is not something most grime DJs are known for, but Flava D excels here as well.

Elijah & Skilliam

writeup coming soon!


writeup coming soon!


writeup coming soon!

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