DWMS10 is Saturday – get to know the lineup and win two tickets!

The final Devil Want My Soul party of 2015 is on Saturday at Palisades (fb/tix). This is a weird feeling for me, since I’ve spent most of this year excited about the next DWMS. The series has been especially crucial for grime heads in NYC, as other parties that once championed the genre have gone on hiatus or ended entirely.

Meanwhile, DWMS has brought out SO MANY of our favorite grime producers: Dark0, Champion, Mr. Mitch, Slackk, Logos. You could almost call it Boxed NYC. But the bookings are more ambitious than just replicating one of the world’s best grime nights; every lineup also champions club music that is truly progressive (MikeQ, Lotic, Joey LaBeija and many more).

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This Saturday, we will be blessed with:

Wen (Keysound / London)

Sudanim and MM (Her Records / London)

I.M.A.A.B.S. (NAAFI / Chile)


Divoli S’vere (Qweenbeat / ATL)

Tickets are available here, the fb event is here, and don’t forget you can still…

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